How to Pick the Best Jigsaw for your money

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The jigsaw has gotten a bad name amongst certain woodworkers. However, the truth is that this is one of the handiest tools in the power tool arsenal. It is a perfect tool for making curved cuts on thin material. The problems that the tool does have can be easily avoided with a little patience while using it. Its tendency to make cuts that are not square is a negative that is quickly outweighed by its useful nature. Look out for a few key features and it is easy to find the best jigsaw for you. You can also visit ProToolZone’s Jigsaw buyers guide.

Orbital Action

These tools have either orbital action or standard action. A standard action jigsaw will cost less, but does not give as smooth of a cut as an orbital. Standard action moves the blade up and down only while cutting. An orbital action saw moves the blade up and down in addition to moving forward in the stock when the blade is moving upward. This orbital movement minimizes wear on the blade in addition to providing a better cut.

Variable Speed

Both orbital and standard action saws will come in either a uniform speed or a variable speed. Once again, a saw with the variable speed feature, will cost more than one without. This is not an end all be all feature, but if you are completing a project that calls for fine details or complex cuts. It is easier to make more accurate cuts with a slower blade speed.

Depth of Cut

In most cases more is better with the exception of a jigsaw. The depth of cut does not need to exceed 2 inches in the majority of projects. It is possible to purchase a saw that features a deeper cut, but it is not really better. Jigsaw blades have a tendency to bend and break as is. This tendency is only increased with a deeper depth of cut. A deeper cut also maximizes the chance that the cut will not be square. It is easy to prevent this problem if you cut before your length and sand down to size. It is easy to ensure a square edges.


This is actually a feature that you should avoid. Cordless saws are super portable, but the frustration you will experience with the lack of power voids any portability benefits. Not only does it lack power, but cordless saws are much slower taking twice the time to get through materials. Stick with the corded models and invest in a good extension cord.

Scroll Saw

A scroll saw allows you to turn the blade to make a curved cut instead of turning the entire tool. It sounds like a nifty feature that should work really well. In actuality it is cumbersome and difficult to use. The blade is turned using a knob that is located on the top of the saw. To operate the saw, utilizing the knob, you need two hands. It makes it difficult to keep the saw and the material stable enough to make an accurate cut. Try a scroll saw before you buy one to be certain it is a feature you want to use.

Unimportant Features

There are a few more features that you can find on more expensive saws. However, none of these features will make or break a really good saw. Most woodworkers find these features to be unimportant altogether. A dust collector is a feature that is a good idea, but lacks efficacy. A splinter control shoe that is supposed to minimize splintering. Again, not a make or break feature especially for certain materials that do not splinter. It is important to note that extra features mean extra money. Get the best jigsaw for your money and stick to the important features.

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