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You’re over the moon to be welcoming a lovely new cat into the house. Everybody in the family has been excited for its arrival and the time is approaching quickly. You have never had a kitty cat before and you’re wondering if there are any do’s and don’ts you should be aware of. Having a feline friend can be a wonderful addition to the family, but make sure you’re prepared from all angles. You have always been one to treat your pets like kings and cats are no exception. They are not only cute to look at but they keep mice away and make great companions too. Before your new cat comes home, make sure you get these simple things into place.

Strong, Independent Kitty

Try to remember that cats are an independent kind of creature. They might not be as affectionate as dogs or as chatty as parrots, but they do like to be looked after. Choose your species of cat which will suit your lifestyle. If you’re very busy and going out to work every day to need a more independent cat that requires less maintenance. You should always make sure you have the time to care for your pet, whether they’re a cat or not. But do bear in mind that cats do enjoy their freedom and alone time outside of the house. If you do find yourself working long days, but you’re dead set on getting a friendly feline face then consider adopting them a playmate to keep them busy whilst you’re away.

Fun and Treats

You want your little cat to be happy and loved in its new home, so make sure you’ve got the right Catnip and treats for them. Treats can be great for when they’re training or when you want them to come indoors on a cold evening. Cats also love to play with everything and anything. Toys such as string, mice and even boxes make for the perfect play thing for little felines. Make sure you have enough stuff in your house to keep your cat stimulated. You want to keep them busy and occupied to stop them causing mischief! As well as toys, you might want to consider buying a scratching post. If you’re a proud owner of a lovely new sofa it might be wise to buy them a device to keep their claws sharp. Not only is a scratching post a vital tool to keep your cat healthy they will also find it fun to play on.

Healthy and Happy At Home

It might seem like an obvious thought, but you might want to consider getting a test for cat allergies before welcoming one into your home. If you’re unlucky enough to have an allergy you can get advice on low allergen cats and you might even adapt to them. Your local shelter to vet will be able to help you more with the things you need to know.

As well as looking after yourself you need to make sure that your kitty’s health is in check. Make sure it has had the correct immunizations and check-ups before you bring it home. You might also want to get them neutered in order to keep them calm at home. As well as their regular vet check-up you will need some form of parasite control. Try PetAction for cats to kill fleas and any other nasty bugs that might harm your beloved feline friend. Pet insurance is also a vital part of taking care of your animal. You don’t want to be laden with hefty vet bills if your cat gets poorly. Get your kitty covered and you will feel content.

Room To Groom

It is super important to start your kitten with a regular grooming routine early on. If you put off these essential beauty regimes then your cat will not get used to them as quickly as you like. If you start early with the trimming, brushing and washing you will have a happy and pampered cat that looks forward to its weekly appointment. Although it is true that cats do bathe themselves, they will need to be brushed gently from time to time. This will stop them from shedding and may also be an enjoyable bonding experience for you and your pet.


Litter For Your Critter

Invest in a good quality litter box for your new cat. Make sure you keep the box clean, so that both your cat and you feel comfortable. There is nothing worse that the overpowering smell of an old and unchanged litter box. Choose a box which is covered so that your cat has more privacy, it is a personal space so you want to make sure that it is an enjoyable place for your cat to be. Make sure the litter box works with the size of your cat too, there is no use having a tiny box that your cat won’t fit into. Place their litter box in a quiet and non-busy area of the house. You can also buy special scented deodorizers, which will mask the smell of the litter in between changes. Only use trusted brands as you don’t want to irritate your lovely feline.

Think About Their Friends

It is common sense that little babies and little kittens might not be the ideal combination. You might want to consider an older cat if you have a toddler in the house. Both babies and kitten require a lot of attention, so opting for a slightly older and more experience cat will be easier and safer for everyone.

If you have other pets you need to give them time to become comfortable around each other. It isn’t easy for a new cat to stroll into the house and feel comfortable straight away. Monitor the relationships between your new feline and your current pets at home and make sure they all have a safe place they can go if they’re feeling scared or intimidated.

These are just a few things to consider when getting a new feline companion at home. As long as you take the advice from your vet and adapt your home to make them feel welcome your new kitty will feel lucky to have their new family.

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