Tips for stay at home moms who can’t hit the gym.

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5 Tips For Stay at Home Moms Who Can’t Hit The Gym

Being a stay at home mom can sometimes be fun, but other times you might feel like the walls are closing in on you. If you find yourself as one of these people and you want to get out more or even take your mind off of everyday stress, these tips will be great for you. No matter who you are, getting into shape for your husband or even for yourself will be a great step towards helping you feel much better in life.

We have set out and talked to a few moms that stay at home, but they are also in excellent shape. One thing they all have in common is the amount of self-confidence they have. They also feel god about what they are doing and the love in the relationship also seems to be blossoming much more than anyone would expect. These 5 tips could help you to get that same feeling and improve every aspect of your life.

That being said, here are the top 5 tips that you can use as a stay at home mom to help get you back in the gym and allow you to feel good again:

  1. Bring the gym to your home:

Sometimes it is not easy to get a sitter or it can become rather expensive if you feel like working out every day. This might sometimes demotivate a few mothers and they will not be able to continuously stick to their schedule and also might give up. But if you bring the gym to your home, you will not need to go out of the house and get a sitter.

We also understand that buying a lot of gym equipment can sometimes be very expensive and this is why many of the mothers do not do it. But, if you start small and slowly start bringing in more equipment, your pocket might not even feel it. Things like spin bikes can sometimes be really affordable and these will allow you to slowly start building your home gym.

  1. Ask another mom to join you:

Working out alone is not fun, but sometimes you might not have any other choice. Getting a training partner does not need to be forever and if you do have a training partner, you should take full advantage of this. Studies have found that when two people work out together, they generally push each other to achieve new limits. This can be done with cardio or weights and you will also never skip a training session for the fear of letting your partner down.

  1. Buy an Aerobics DVD:

If you want to get into fitness, you should start somewhere and not having the funds might not always be a good excuse. Top range DVD’s can be found on the market at a reasonable price and these DVD’s will be great for those starting out and looking to get back into shape. The DVD’s will only be temporary and once the fitness bug has bitten you, you can consider taking out a gym membership or even looking at home training equipment.

  1. Make the kids part of your workout session at home:

One of the main excuses many mothers revert to when you ask them why they do not work out is usually the kids, but this doesn’t need to be an excuse. Children sometimes will join in if the exercise can be performed without any weight and if you can find the time to make the children part of your workout routine, you will also see them having more fun. This can also be some great bonding time and you and your children can have fun whilst working out.

  1. Set up some goals and work towards them:

This one might seem a little bit like a cliché, but setting up goals is important in every aspect of life. If you do not have goals, you will not be able to achieve things and you will not know towards what you are working. Without goals, giving up is usually easy, but when those goals are set in stone and realistic, you will be able to focus on achieving them. You should also believe that your goals are achievable and you feel you can’t achieve them, you should set smaller goals.

Final Thoughts:

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we certainly do hope that you have found these tips useful and hopefully, they have motivated you to get back into a training and healthy lifestyle. You should also break this notion that training equipment is really expensive as there are great spinning cycles and treadmills at affordable prices.

Hope you found this post helpful.

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