How to Clip Dog Nails Easily

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How to Clip Dog Nails Easily

You may think that clipping your dog’s nails is not very important. But it is actually very important for your dog.

Leaving dog’s nails long can be irritating to them and cause various problems like painful ingrown nails, breakage of nails, infection etc. Trimming the nails also make your dog looks better.

The most common reason for avoiding nail trimming and grooming is that the owner often get feared about it and the dogs become fussy. By practicing the grooming technique with confidence you can clip your dog’s nail without bothering him.

Choose a clipper

Choose a quality pair of nail clippers. Try to use scissor type clippers. Guillotine style clippers are painful and can crush the toe. Small size clippers are easy to use but the large size dogs need a large one.

Hold him gently and cut

Hold your dog gently and place him in a comfortable position. Take a tiny bit of a nail at a time and cut below the quick. Cutting a small bit at a time reduces the chances of cutting off the quick. White nails are easy to cut rather than the dark color nails. In case of dark or black color nails you should trim the nail level before the pad.

Make him comfortable

If your dog is not comfortable with nails clipping then do one nail a day and make him use to with it until he can adjust with it. Or depending on your dog you will be able to cut few nails before giving him a break.

Clipping dog’s nails will be easier to you if you do it once or twice a month.

File the nails

Once trimming is done, nails become rough along the edges. In that case you should smooth the edges with a nail filer after clipping.

Keep the dog calm or treat him

Your dog may unconsciously pull away while you are clipping. Try to calm down him. Dogs are more likely to learn how we lead them. Try to make understand him that he should expect to happen it.

Give him a treat to distract him from the task going on and reward him after clipping each nail and at the end so that he can understand how much you love him.

Clip the dewclaws

If your dog has dewclaws then don’t forget to cut them. They are prone to grow long as they do not touch the ground. If you do not cut them they may back to the dog’s foot and that will be painful.

Handle injuries

If you unconsciously cut the quick of the nail, it will start to bleed. Don’t allow your dog to run away from you. Keep hold his paw and apply septic powder as early as possible until it stops bleeding. If you don’t have septic powder instead you can use corn starch, baking soda or flour.

In future you can use nail grinder which files the nails instead of cutting. If you use it you should be conscious enough so that it cannot come into contact with the pads.

Although clipping dog’s nails seems a hard job for dog owners, most of the dogs prefer their owners to do the task. So try to do it yourself as they feel more secure to you rather than groomers.

It will be a great idea to learn how to clip dog’s nails from a veterinarian or a groomer. But, if you are not comfortable with this task in that case you can go to a veterinarian or a groomer. They will do that regularly.


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