Another Child: How To Prepare For Another Mouth to Feed

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There’s no denying that deciding to have a second child is an exciting adventure. The first child was so much fun, so hopefully, the second child will bring just as much joy to your lives, too. However, there are certain considerations you’ll need to keep in mind when you’re expecting your second (or third or fourth) child; below, we run you through everything you’ll need to know, which will hopefully ensure there are no nasty hiccups along the way!

Figure Out the Finances


If you already have a child, then you already know that it’s an expensive thing to do. When you have a child, your budget for raising a family won’t double; you’ll be spreading the expenses across two children, and you’ll be able to reuse some of the equipment you used for your first child. However, it goes without saying that you’re going to need a fair bit more money. Before your child is born, recalculate your budget and make any necessary financial sacrifices – such as cutting out any luxury expenses, and so on.


Should You Stay Or Go?


You won’t need that much extra space in your home when your child is first-born – they won’t take up much space – but you will in the near future when you have two children who need space to run around, their own bedroom, and so on. You’ll need to decide whether you need to scale up your home, or if you can get by in your current house. If you like the area you currently live in and want to stay regardless of the size, look at getting a home improvement secured loan; with that, you’ll be able to add an extra bedroom if your local government permits it. It’s also worth thinking if you’re going to add more children to your clan in the forthcoming years before you make any decisions, too.


A Change of Lifestyle


Your current lifestyle will be dependent on how old your current child is. If they’re also a baby, then your lifestyle won’t drastically change should you have another baby. However, if they’re at school, then you’ll need to think about which of the parents will sacrifice their working hours during your child’s first few months. And of course, both parents will be having late nights too, which will also affect your energy levels and free time.


Eyes on Two


It’s hard enough trying to make sure that one child is safe, secure, and in an environment that allows them to thrive. Add another child, and the whole scenario becomes even more problematic. If your current child is a little troublemaker (however cute they may be), then you’ll have to work out a system that will allow both of your children to be well looked after. You might need to invest in some sophisticated baby-monitoring equipment if they’re both intent on causing mischief at the same time!


Talking with the First Born


Children don’t really understand the concept of another child. They want all the attention for themselves, and that will be especially true if up until now they’ve been the only child in the household. There’s an art to talking to your child that there’s soon going to be another baby on the way, though this will naturally depend on them as individuals too. In any case, it’ll be important that they know that they’re going to have a little brother or sister, and what you expect of them when that happens. But prepared for your child to show signs of jealousy; it’s a common occurrence in firstborn children.


Get Ready To Do It All Again


When people first have a child, they freely admit that they don’t really know what they’re doing; they’re bluffing their way through, in most cases, and it seems to work. However, just because you’ve done it once before, that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be any easier the second time around. Your second child is going to have a personality all of their own, and they’re likely to throw up a few surprises that you just didn’t experience with your first child. Prepare to learn how to be a parent – a different kind of parent – all over again.


Setting Time Aside


New parents can often get blindsided by just how much of their time their child occupies. As a result, they rarely get to spend time with another. But for the family bond to remain strong and stable, you’ll need to carve out time where it’s just you and your parent. It’ll be tempting to divide up the responsibilities, and one of you just look after both children while the other rests, but you can’t put a price on reconnecting as parents. It’ll make everything all the more straightforward.


Celebration Time


Remember the celebrations that happened when you were expecting your first child? It’s true that the second child won’t have the same sense of “oh wow, we’re going to be parents!”, purely because…you’re already parents. But don’t let that detract you from recognizing just what a joyous occasion this is. The novelty won’t wear off just because you already have a child, and you should do all the things you did the first time around, such as celebration dinners and baby showers. Pregnancies don’t have to be all about hard work; make sure you set aside some time for fun!


Overcoming the Doubts


Parents are riddled with doubts when they’re expecting their first child. They wonder if they’re really up to the challenge if they’ll make good parents, if their child will grow up to be a happy, productive member of society. And guess what? You overcame those doubts the first time around. There’s no reason to think you’ll succumb to them the second time around! Remember that you’ve been in the ‘what are we doing?’ scenario before, and breeze past them.


Final Thoughts


There’s much to think about before having another child, but if you’re financially stable and ready for it, then it’s only going to add an extra bundle of love to your home!

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