Introducing Your Elderly Relatives to Technology… and How It Can Benefit Them

Posted by Kerri Mosher on October 11, 2017 in Blog |

Younger people are well accustomed to technology and the use of it. In fact, many people now wouldn’t know a world without modern technology. However, as many people as there are today that know of and use technology in this manner, there are as many people who don’t.  More than likely, these people are going to be elderly. But, there are a host of benefits for the elderly when they use technology — and it’s your job to ensure that they can reap these benefits by pointing them in the right direction in regards to them. Read on to find some of the benefits, and how you can introduce your elderly relatives to them as well as technology in general.

The benefits of telemedicine and online doctors


The rise in telemedicine and online doctor formats has revolutionised the world of caregiving and health care — it has done so because it has made doctor’s appointments and check ups made available for all, at any time, no matter how ill or hurt they may be feeling. Yes, we can now have meetings with our doctor to discuss our health via video chat, and there are a host of benefits for doing so. The best telemedicine benefits include: a greater access to professionals and specialists in the field of caregiving; the chance of better outcomes to health related issues; a reduced cost in healthcare as well as a reduced cost in the time and effort needed when seeking more traditional forms of health care; less of a chance of being directly exposed to illness as there is with these traditional forms of health care; an improvement in patient relations; and a higher chance of the patient’s demand being met. And it is for all of these reasons why pointing your elderly relatives — especially those that have frequent health worries — in the direction of telemedicine and online doctors is a good thing, because each of these points affect them. For instance, subjecting the elderly to the germs found in doctor’s surgeries is never a good thing and could result in them getting worse when visiting their doctor, not better. But when they see their doctor on a screen from the comfort of their own home, the threat of contracting further illnesses is destroyed.


The benefits of the Internet of Things


The Internet of Things may have a very indecisive name, but the benefits it can bring the elderly are very decisive. What the IoT is is a internetwork the connects a number of devices using Internet technology. Specifically, it is something that helps turn even the simplest of household appliances on, such as lights, without having to get up and turn them on. And the benefits of doing this for the elderly are, of course, huge. It means they don’t have to get up out of their chairs, and risk injury by doing so, to do things such as turn their lights on; instead, they need just press a button on a control. So, try to introduce the IoT, and specifically smart home technology, into the home of any elderly person you know who would benefit from not having to get up and move around too much.


Reaching old age is a gift — a gift of time. And you can make this gift even better for your elderly relatives by introducing them to the gift that is modern technology.


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