Don’t Be Left Out In The Cold This Winter: Protect Your Precious Plumbing!

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There are so many things you have to remember as a homeowner. Bills, mortgage payments, insurance, home maintenance so it’s no wonder that checking up on your plumbing is something that can slip your mind. But with winter around the corner, it’s something to ensure is up and running properly so you’re not left out in the cold. Here’s how you can make sure your plumbing and heating is up to scratch in time for the season ahead.


Have Your Boiler Checked

A broken boiler is something that any homeowner dreads. Not only are you left without heating or hot water (a position no one wants to be in when it’s cold outside) but boilers are also incredibly expensive to replace. Getting boiler insurance, particularly if you have an older model is a smart move. If you can bear to part with the cash before your old boiler breaks down, a new one will be more efficient and far more reliable. If your boiler keeps cutting out, the pressure gauge is giving concerning readings, or it’s packed up altogether you will need to call a gas engineer to see what your options are. If anything goes wrong over the next few months, you’ll be so glad you were prepared.


Add Protection To Pipes

During the colder months when temperatures are falling, pipes contract and this can cause them to crack. Broken pipes can cause real devastation to homes, flooding your entire floor and ruining everything from flooring to furniture to appliances. Slow leaks can result in damp, mold and structural damage which can be tricky to spot until the damage has been done. One way you can protect against this is by insulating your pipes. Foam sleeves cover them which helps protect them from the elements and can prevent them freezing or cracking. This is a cheap upgrade to make, is something that most DIYers can do themselves but can save you hundreds, even thousands in repairs if a leak were to happen. It gives you peace of mind and is something proactive you can do to prevent issues later down the line.


Look After The Drainage

Another important part of your plumbing system is the drains. Everyone in your property needs to understand what can and can’t be flushed, curious children can flush toys and all kinds of things down toilets which can cause big problems. Toilet seat locks are advised to prevent this if you have younger children with a habit of this kind of thing. Cotton pads, paper towels, cigarettes and animal grease are likely to block up your home’s drains so if you’re in bad habits now is the time to stop. If you have plumbing in your basement or your bathroom is below the grade of the main sewer, you will need to ensure that your ejector pump is running correctly. Need help troubleshooting your ejector pump? Check out The Plumbing Info or a Youtube video to find out what went wrong. Another thing that can affect drains is hard water. Limescale remover and other drain cleaning products can be effective and can be purchased relatively cheaply from any DIY store.


Consider a Stove

From both a style and functionality perspective, stoves are a fantastic addition to most homes. You could go with either a gas or wood-burning variety which will help keep your room warm. This is an excellent option as even if something goes wrong with your central heating over the winter, you will still have heat which will be hugely appreciated while you wait for it to be fixed! On top of this, you could save a fortune on your heating bills hundreds a year so if you’re on the fence this is something well worth considering. A stove won’t heat the whole house, just the room that you’re in. However, this can be useful, as you can put it on when the family is spending time together and not waste energy unnecessarily heating the rest of the house.

Your boiler, heating, cooling, and drainage systems can be delicate and need to be properly looked after. By keeping on top of maintenance and taking action as soon as anything goes wrong you could save yourself a lot of expense, time and hassle.


As a homeowner, do you do much to look after your plumbing system in your property? Have you ever had a plumbing disaster?

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