Impromptu Entertainment Needs? Check Out The Following 4 Tips

Posted by Kerri Mosher on July 17, 2017 in Blog |

We’ve all been there. We’re out with our friends from work, excited after the important team effort you’ve all contributed to has been successful. In your excited second drink at the bar, reveling in the social playfulness of the group, have invited everyone back to your house to enjoy the rest of the evening with a couple of nightcaps and party games. To your dismay, people immediately think this is a great idea, and you begin rummaging your thoughts to figure out if you can actually host the people who are coming.


Do you have food in your fridge? Have you washed up the glasses and dishes on your sink surface? Do you have any entertainment to actually provide?


Unfortunately, if you say ‘no’ to any of the previous questions, it’s likely that you’ll feel embarrassed once the office workers start pouring into your abode. Of course, people who are cordially invited to your home that begin eating and drinking all of your goods are rude, but it serves to be well stocked with some smart home refreshments to make sure that you can provide for when you have an impromptu entertainment session.




It behooves any modern person who enjoys the odd drink to have a well-stocked cabinet they can use for any entertainment need. Of course, not everyone enjoys drinking due to personal or religious reasons, but for those that do, it’s important to keep quality merchandise within your home. Just like how the cleanliness and decors of your home speaks volumes about you, so does the alcohol you chose to keep within your liquor cabinet. Finding quality, low-cost alcohol from liquor stores online can help you save the cost of stocking a full cabinet, and will allow you to mix a variety of drinks to woo your guests when they come to visit.




It’s also very important to load your entertainment arsenal with a variety of snacks, both suitable for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. This can be as simple as keeping some dip and chips in the cupboards or having a well-stocked bowl of fruit that can also serve as a nice centerpiece for your table. You needn’t provide your guests with a three-course meal, but you can go to the extent of offering them a few chips or chocolate bars for when they come around. Doing so makes you seem like a homely, polite guest.


Party Games


For entertainment purposes, while watching the television can be fun, it’s not the most social of activities. Consider stocking your living room table with a number of party board games, such as old school classics like Monopoly or Cluedo. These are intrinsically good entertainment pieces because they encourage mutual communication, and also helps break the atmosphere which can be a little awkward the moment you get there.


Air Fresheners


If you have pets or are undergoing construction in part of your house, sometimes your home can seem a little bit offensive regarding its odor. Consider implementing a simple air filter or air freshener that plugs into your wall socket to help mask or neutralize these smells completely.


Follow these tips and your impromptu entertainment will be the positive talk of the office come Monday.


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