Coping With Worry And Anxiety In A Productive Manner

Posted by Kerri Mosher on July 13, 2017 in Blog |

It’s very difficult to cope with the worry of everyday life for some people, because, not everyone has the right chemical balance in their brain to stress. This could be because of the way your brain developed as you were growing up, it may because of an injury you sustained, but the most likely circumstance that affects mental growth is your childhood and your current environment. Negativity can set in your mind and become a regular part of your thought process if you continuously find that you don’t challenge it with better ways of looking at the world. However, the lack of coping skills also comes from lifestyle, meaning the way you live your life and the habits you follow. There are certain techniques, along with a number of checks and balances that you can do to silence the worry in your mind productively.

Don’t stop, but cope


It’s humanly impossible to totally and utterly stop worrying about something or just life in general. The human brain is wired so that worry or thinking about possible threats, negative outcomes, risks and potentially harmful dangers are comprehended to keep safe. However, in the modern world, there is so much pressure in normal life, work, bills, friends or lack of, family or lack of and many other things. But you can cope with anxiety and worry if you set aside a time and place, where you can assess your life and future. Find an area; it could be in your home, where there are little noise and little chance of interruption. With a pen and pad, write down what you’re worried about, and if you were looking into your situation as another person, what advice would you give? You may find a solution comes from yourself.

Ditching the easy way out


It’s very easy to fall off the wagon, in the sense that some people turn to substance abusing to escape their troubles. But you’re doing yourself so much harm, and every morning you wake up, the same issues are there. There are people who want to help and not only that, but they dedicate their lives to helping people get off drugs and alcohol and cope with their anxiety-driven problems. A group in Florida, Miami, has counselors and therapists in their facility that use their expert knowledge to help you identify, examine, and counteract the things in your life that spread anxiety in your mind. On top of these services, you can also find solace in the fact that there’s so much to do in Miami, so many things to keep your mind occupied and look on the bright side of life; such as watersports, long beach walks, and great food.


Take the time to calm


If you find that the main reason why you’re feeling stressed and worried is because of the many pressures and responsibility in your life, one cool technique you can try is, to simply breathe. Long, calm, slow breaths when something you find is consuming your mind. It could be a late bill payment, worrying about your children, a relationship or even philosophical questions about life itself. Close your eyes, and try to empty your mind, breathe slowly and focus on nothing else.


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