Fleas v Ticks: Who Would Win In A Fight?

Posted by Kerri Mosher on July 12, 2017 in Blog |

Most seasoned dog owners have had their fair share of run-ins with fleas and ticks. They bring nothing but misery to the lives of canines up and down the country especially in the summer when the hot and humid conditions provide the ideal climate in which the parasites thrive. A single flea or tick can signal just the beginning of months of suffering for your beloved pet. It’s up to you to be constantly on watch to ensure that these nasty little insects are quashed before they can take hold. Like a crazy game of insect top trumps, let’s examine both the flea and the tick and see which one is the ultimate parasite.



Fleas live from a couple of weeks to four months. They rely on finding a host for food. Because only the adults feed, young fleas can die rapidly if they don’t locate a dog to latch onto. Ticks, on the other hand, are more resilient and can live up to three years without having to set up camp on a host. They bide their time and only pounce when the most suitable host arrives.




Both the flea and the tick feed on a range of hosts. They can bed down and keep hold of their doggy hosts for as long as they want if no treatment is given to prevent them from thriving. However, by choosing specialist flea and tick prevention for dogs and using it monthly on your hound, you are ensuring that not only can you get rid of the parasites but you can prevent them from coming back means you have a healthy dog. Fleas and ticks are powerful little critters but lose the battle against effective treatment.



Don’t be (too) alarmed but the tick can lay over two thousand eggs at any one time. That’s an impressive feat and makes for quite the army of parasites. The only positive to come out of this baby boom is that the tick will die soon after laying its eggs. The flea may lay only a small number by comparison at just fifty eggs a day, but it doesn’t die like the tick and can keep feeding and laying eggs for weeks.




Most dog owners know that fleas thrive in heat, so it makes sense that they relish the summer months and invade when the temperature is at its most sweltering. Ticks also love the sun. However, they are also no stranger to the icy cold and can quite easily survive the winter. They are hardy creatures that are incredibly tricky to exterminate fully from your pet’s immediate environment.




Both of these parasites cause misery and suffering to your pet. The tick can be more resilient but is also a little rarer, spending most of their time away from the animals on which they feed. The more prevalent flea, once they have selected their host, will not vacate without a fight. For this reason, the flea wins the battle of the parasites.

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