Don’t Forget To Clean There! The Areas Forgotten By Most Tenants

Posted by Kerri Mosher on July 11, 2017 in Blog |

You pride yourself on being a good tenant. You pay your rent on time every month, don’t throw wild parties, keep the landlord informed of any issues and you clean the property regularly. Every time your landlord has popped over for a quick inspection, he comments on how lovely you are keeping the place. Don’t take that as a sign that you are guaranteed your security deposit back. Landlords can be a little Jekyll and Hyde-ish and can switch as soon as you’ve given your month’s notice. Come check out the day they will be scouring every iota of the property ensuring that it is returned to them in the condition that they gave it to you.


Unless you are a specialist firm such as Whizz end of lease cleaning service, it can be tricky to locate every area of the home to clean. These expert cleaning companies will take that burden away from you so that you can relax and bask in cleanliness glory. If you are going to venture down the cleaning route alone, make sure you don’t forget to clean in these often overlooked spaces.


  1. Curtains


If your landlord prides himself on the quality of his drapes, then this is a soft furnishing that you can’t ignore. Make sure you don’t just give them a quick hoover but take them off the curtain pole and follow the instructions on the label. Most are machine washable so give them a good rinse and spin to remove any mold or potential build up of dust and pollen.


  1. Bin


It sounds like an oxymoron that you should clean the vessel that will forever contain the garbage, but unless you want lingering scents of food waste permeating your kitchen, it’s important to keep your bin as fresh as possible. When taking the bin out each week dedicate some time to disinfecting. This is not only better for your nose, but it’s also more hygienic.


  1. Fans


If you have ceiling fans anywhere in your property, your landlord will be up to their checking for dust, spotting it, tutting and then commenting on how much it costs to clean. Prevent this build up by simply wiping the dust away regularly with a feather duster. You can pick these up for a few cents at your local hardware store.


  1. Shower Curtain


If the bottom of your shower curtain has seen better days and has signs of soap scum or mold, it’s time to bathe the curtain in a mix of hot water and the liquid you get to sterilize babies bottles. Amazingly this sterilization fluid works wonders at removing the scum stains with ease making your shower curtain look like new.


  1. Remotes


Are there all sorts of crumb, dust and pollen particles in between the buttons of your remote controls? Grab yourself an anti-bacterial tissue and wipe away. It’s as easy as that.


With landlords becoming ever more fussier on check out day, it’s vital you do everything in your power to get your deposit back. Ensuring your property is as clean as it can be is the perfect start.


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