The Very First Things You Need To Teach Your New Puppy

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As far as family events go, is there anything more exciting than bringing home your new puppy? Many families across the country and indeed, the world, hold their pet dog in very high regard – and bringing home your first one is a pretty amazing thing. Your kids will most likely be beside themselves with giddiness, and you will no doubt feel a rush of love for your new furry friend when you see their little face peeking out at you. But despite all this cuteness, a new puppy is not something to be underestimated. They might be small, but they can certainly pose a big challenge to their new owners. In many ways, it is like having a new baby – but many novice owners often make the mistake of leaving their puppy to its own devices. This might seem like the easiest option at the time, but without proper training, that cute puppy could easily grow up into a very disruptive dog. Nearly every behavioral problem adult dogs have stemmed from them not being properly trained during their younger years – so it is never too early to start teaching your puppy the vital things he or she needs to know. Here is a comprehensive list of stuff you need to cover with them so that they can live in harmony as a real part of the family.

Their name

This might seem glaringly obvious – but unless you spend time teaching your puppy his or her name, they may not pick it up for a very long time. Knowing their name is essential for your dog’s development, and for their ability to function in the real world. The first thing you need to do is to pick a name that is clear, and easy to say – something they won’t have a problem picking out of a conversation. Something with two syllables is usually best; any more can get confusing for them. Practice saying it to them in a clear voice, and when they look at you, reward them with positive body language or a treat. Make sure you try this with them from different distances and in different scenarios, so they know they need to respond to you no matter what the environment is.

Walking on a leash

For the first few weeks of your puppy’s life, he or she will most likely stay predominantly in the house and garden, under your watchful eye. But sooner or later, you are going to want to take them out into the big wide world; something that cannot be done without a leash. This, however, is one of the more challenging areas of puppy training you might face. Familiarize yourself with some training collar reviews so you can decide what best suits you and your puppy’s needs. Then, you can start training. Show friendly body language, and try to keep eye contact with your puppy when you can. Make smooth, slow movements, so you don’t startle your pet; but equally, don’t wait for them to move. After a few walks, your puppy will understand that they need to follow you, not the other way around.


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Going to the toilet outdoors

Dogs bring a lot to a family home – but when your’s is relieving itself indoors, it can often cause you to wonder why you got him or her in the first place! Toilet training is one of the most crucial parts of your puppy’s training program, as it is very easy for them to get into bad habits about using the bathroom. First, pick a good spot where it is convenient for your puppy to relieve himself/herself. It should obviously be outside the house, but not so far away that it takes them ages to walk there. It should also be quiet and with as few distractions around as possible (so not near a road or your neighbor’s garden). Once your dog has finished its business, move away from the area immediately – you need to send the signal that it is not a play area. If your puppy does slip up and urinates or defecates within the home, don’t bother scolding it – it is unlikely to understand why you are doing that. Instead, simply clean it all up thoroughly, removing all trace of odor. It may take a while, but persist, and your pooch will be toilet trained before you know it. Dogs, in general, are incredibly rewarding pets to own, but remember to put your time into them to help them integrate into your world as best as they can.


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