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It’s well known that men are harder to buy for than women. Women are far more easily pleased by large bunches of flowers and chocolates and girly gifts are always easier to find. It also doesn’t help that when you ask your partner what he would like for an occasion, you often here ‘I don’t know’. Insert eye roll here. It’s also a fact that the gift market is geared toward women in every way; from hair care products to beauty products. While women may be far easier to buy gifts for than their male counterparts, it doesn’t stop most of the female population panicking about what to buy for their partner when the occasion arises. There are only so many Lynx gift sets that can be received in one year and when you buy a gift for a man, you really need to think outside the box.

There are just as many male gifting opportunities as there are female ones. Christmas, birthday, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and Father’s Day all still happen and that’s five different occasions you need to buy a gift for a man. That doesn’t include all the other times you want to buy a gift ‘just because’. Some of the gifts for men on the market are dripping with sheer luxury and that’s exactly what you want to find a gift: luxury. While you may find that the shops are over saturated with inexpensive gifts for women, thus making them easier to buy, for men it’s all about the luxury items.

Luxury items for men are surprisingly easy to find if you know where to look and so when you have the opportunity to present your partner with a gift, make it an impressive one. We have put together the ultimate gift list for men so all you need to do is have a look down it and make the best choices, whatever the occasion.           

The Wallet: Every man carries a wallet in some form. Think purses for women; we go crazy for the latest designer purse or handbag and we love to synchronize our colors. For men, they only need the one wallet to carry cash and cards and as they usually only have one, it’s best to make it a good one. Splash out a little on a designer wallet in real leather like the ones you find here for that touch of luxury. Not only will he be grateful for the replacement – seeing as men only buy new when their wallet is falling apart – but he will see that you’ve bought something practical as well as luxurious.

Shoe Cleaning Kits: Okay, so this sounds more like something you’d have under the sink with a brush and cloth, but there are some designer shoe cleaning kits on the market for those who have a thing for shoes and trainers. The shoe freak in your life need never worry about scuffing up his sneakers again with one of these.

The Bag Gift: Women love soft, supple leather handbags and if it has a Gucci label on it, you have guaranteed quality. Men tend to carry everything in a rucksack or their pockets, so why not splash out on a sleek, minimal backpack that he can bring with him to work instead? There are plenty out there on the market that screams luxury.

The Bling Gift: There’s nothing wrong with a little bling and with real gold chains from Frost NYC, your partner will look classy as well as frosted. Men love jewelry as much as women do, it’s just about finding out what suits him. It’s always best to get his input on jewelry so you know what color you should be buying when you’re out and about.

The Work Gift: If your man is a bit of a workaholic, he will love you helping him to get organized. Luxury stationery companies have excellent options for sets with notepads, mugs, and pencils that can be arranged on his desk. If he’s going to spend lots of time at the office, he may as well be stylish while he’s working!

The Sports Gift: Any sports fan with a favorite team will love the paraphernalia that comes from their favorite club. Sportswear that is from an official club shop can be pricey and throwback basketball bomber jackets are a firm favorite among the male crowd. Those who stick to sports religiously will appreciate the effort, and you can go one better and get their name stitched onto the back of the jacket or jersey that you buy.

The Sharp Gift: We don’t mean suits, we mean Swiss Army Knives. Every man should have one in his possession and you can go one step further with the one you buy and have a message of love or congratulations inscribed at the side. He will always know that you gave him something practical and yet beautiful to own.

The Beauty Gift: Most men are not a fan of moisturizing and using cleansers, especially if they are a man’s, man. However, every man does have to shower and some even like the luxury of a bath and this requires some luxury products. There are companies like this one that makes bath bombs in the shape of hand grenades, so while he’s dropping a fizz bomb into his bath water, he can feel more manly while he’s doing it.

The Liquor Gift: Alcohol, in general, is a great gift. An expensive bottle of wine, a bottle of high-quality champagne and even a bottle of spirit can be wonderful. Vintage whiskey that has been rested for years is a gift that any man will appreciate and he can choose to keep it in the liquor cabinet at home or display it impressively in the office. A great all-rounder.

The Cookery Gift: Did you notice that most celebrity chefs are men? If your man loves to try his hand at the cooker, buying him cast iron cooking gear and a set of professional chef’s knives are an impressive gift to give. Nothing cooks a great steak quite as well as cast iron equipment, so do some research!

The DIY Gift: Men love to fix everything, no matter how badly they do it. So, purchasing a set of luxury tools for every job in the house will be a very well-received gift. Go for the brand tools so you get the quality that will last and you finally will be able to get all those household jobs done that you’ve been waiting for!

The Clothing Gift: You can go two routes with this particular gift. You could either gift a tailored suit or you can go classic with a beautiful tie. A businessman can never have enough ties and a high-quality tie always goes down well. Clothing doesn’t have to be business wear, either, as a designer pair of Levi’s that are well fitted can be a stunning gift for the casual man.

The Experience Gift: For the man who already has it all, an experience gift is probably the most precious one to give. You’re giving him memories to take with him for the rest of his life and whether his passion is driving fast cars or swinging a round of golf or two, you can really knock this one out of the park.

The Sunglasses Gift: Every man needs a pair of designer sunglasses for when the warmer weather rolls around and if you buy a pair that is a little more rectangular in the frame instead of the standard aviators, you’ll be able to flatter his face shape easily. Plus, you don’t end up with the cliché of references from Top Gun – winner!

The Funny Gift: A good man is one with a sense of humor, so whether you buy embroidered socks with his name on them or a magician set to bring out the child in him, appeal to his sense of humor to make him smile.

The Tech Gift: Luxury comes in all shapes and sizes, as does technology. Tablets, laptops and games consoles never fail to disappoint and they come with the luxury price tag that can be appreciated. Appeal to his gamer side ad buy a few games and accessories with the console of your choice. Not much of a gaming fan? How about a Kindle loaded with his favorite authors? You’ve gone the extra mile on his book choices as well as the thought of a gift he will love.

No matter which way you go with any of the luxury gifts listed above, it’ll be easy to find the perfect gift for your partner. There may be five must-have gift occasions through the year, but we’ve given you fourteen ideas so that whatever the day you’re buying for, you won’t be short of things to buy.  Buying for men just got a lot easier and when you add the luxury price tag, you’ve just appealed to his indulgent side.

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