Coping With Addiction In The Family

Posted by Kerri Mosher on March 22, 2017 in Blog |

Addiction can be a vicious, cruel issue that will kill everything good about your family. If you think that’s an exaggeration, you’ve never had to deal with one in your home. Until the day they are clean, it’s a constant struggle, and in some cases, you might not even recognize that there’s an issue. That’s your first step. You need to know whether there is a problem with an addiction in your family. So, what does addiction look like?


The main trait of an addiction is being unable to stop yourself from doing something or wanting something. This could be anything. A mild addiction would be desperately craving a bar of chocolate. A socially acceptable addiction would be alcohol, and a severe addiction would be something like heroin. This is going to cause severe damage to the individual and your family as a whole.


If you do think that a member of your family is addicted to something, you then need to get them to admit it. This is often incredibly difficult. You need to make sure they know that they have your support. It’s crucial that they feel like that they can talk to you about the problem without it getting too far. There is the possibility that the first sign is something going wrong in their life. For instance, someone with an alcohol addiction might get caught with a DWI. A DWI isn’t always a sign that people need help, but it can be. It can show that they were unable to stop drinking. Firms like Scheiner Law for DWI lawyers know that an issue like this can be a sign of addiction. That’s why they will always include the issue in a possible defense.


Once everyone knows that there is an issue and it has been completely accepted you can start to tackle it head on. It’s important to realize that the body is as much a part of this battle as the mind. Even after the family member recognizes the problem, they can still find that their body craves it. Their body will fight them and try to push them towards surrender. This is why cold turkey is almost never the right answer.


It’s also why going clean when you’re addicted to a serious drug is next to impossible. You need something else to take its place, and it should be strong enough that it cures the itch without causing more damage. It is quite common for addicts to get clean from one substance only to move on to another because that craving looms.


So, you can think about signing your family member up for a professional detox treatment. If you can’t afford that, the most important thing is support. They are going to need your complete care, and attention or they will quickly fall off the wagon. Make sure you are watching for the signs that they are using again.


It’s also worth pointing out that an addict is always going to be an addict. They just won’t always be addicted but they still can not be put in situations where they are tempted to use again. You’ll need to be careful about how you act around them, at least until they are on the other side of one hundred days.

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