Safe Play Solutions: How To Keep Energetic Kids Out Of The Emergency Room

Posted by Kerri Mosher on February 6, 2017 in Blog |

Any parent who has tried to bring up more than one kid, especially two brothers, knows that they present challenges. For one thing, of course, they love one another. But this does not mean that from time to time, they won’t play rough. Every once in a while, it’s more or less expected that there will be bumps and scrapes.


Here’s the thing: kids will be kids. For better or worse, they will have a bunch of energy that they will want to run off. You can supervise them, but occasionally they may still find a way to hurt one another. Not because they’re bad, but because they have boundless energy and less understanding of boundaries.


If you want your children to play safe, then sometimes you need to think outside the box. That energy has to go somewhere, so make it somewhere other than the emergency room!


Crash Mats


If there is a specific area that your kids like to play in, then having padding in that zone may be for the best. If you know kids, you’ll know that touch football can turn into wrestling. The tag can turn into wrestling. Depending on your kids, Tic-Tac-Toe can turn into wrestling.


It doesn’t even need to be deliberate rough-housing. Can you count the number of times you fell over as a kid? Laying down crash mats in play areas is a wise move, simply for the sake of limiting little injuries. This way you keep them entertained, but still safe.


Making Play Softer


A lot of childhood is wrapped up in testing boundaries. Sometimes kids will want to break the rules just to see what happens if they do. So on occasion, it’s important to take a game that they love to play and make it so they can’t hurt each other even if they want to.


If your kids like to wrestle, buy them sumo suits. Bubble Soccer is another good idea – they’re insulated so, even if they fall over, they’ll laugh rather than cry.


Construct A Safe Play Room


Most parents will have had the experience of sitting in an emergency room thinking of the least ridiculous way to explain an injury. Kids are creative in so many wonderful ways, and in some bizarre, terrible ways too. Pediatricians have heard them all!


You may not be able to make play injuries impossible – kids really are creative – but you can create a room that is injury-resistant. Pad the walls and floor with mattresses. Don’t have any edged furniture in there. Keep the door open at all times.


A ball pit is a sound addition for a room like this. Accept that sometimes kids are going to fall over, and give them the softest landing possible. Also, paint the room in a color like light blue. Too many loud colors will only make them more likely to be rambunctious. Stack the odds in your favor here. You know what kids are like.

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