Attention All Dog Lovers – Clap Back At These Reasons Not To Get A Dog!

Posted by Kerri Mosher on January 6, 2017 in Blog |

When you want a dog in your life, you can get all sorts negative feedback from those in your family and around you. They start to come out with all of these reasons why it’s not the right time, or it will be too much of a tie, or even that it’s too much work. Persuading them that a canine friend is a good idea can be pretty tough. But to help you, we have compiled some of the best answers back to their protestations. Just read on to see what they are.


They are smelly


OK, so it is well-known that some canines have that wet dog smell that can get into everything in your home. This can really put people off the idea of getting a dog. Of course, they can be smelly in other ways too, which we won’t go into too much detail here! But what can be done about that odor of dog?


Well, your pooch doesn’t have to whiff. There is actually quite a few things that you can do to stop this, and this is what you need to tell your objecting party.


For example, you can minimize any possible smell by ensuring they pay regular trips to the groomer for a wash and blow dry. You can also deal with gassy smells by checking that they are eating the right food for their breed, size, and age. You can learn more about the right food for your dog’s type by clicking the link.


They are dangerous

Many people are afraid of dogs and this will lead them to be resistant to allowing a canine into their lives. The way to deal with this objection is to ask: ‘Are all dogs the same?’ The answer, of course, is no. Just like there are aggressive and violent humans, as well as placid and kind ones. All dogs do not have the same temperament.


OK, some breeds have a worse reputation than others. In particular Pitbulls, Dobermans, and Staffordshire Terriers. There is something in this, though. As many breeds, we class as dangerous now were bred specially for working or fighting. So they can tend towards a more aggressive stance.


However, if this is a concern, then it’s best to assure the person objecting that you will stay well clear of those types of breeds completely. In fact get them to help you pick out the type of dog that they would feel most comfortable with.


They cost too much


Lastly, one of the most common objections against bringing a dog into your life is the amount of money that they cost to keep. This point is even easier to convince your objector on because it not based emotional reactions but cold hard facts.


All you need to do is write out a list of the things you will need like collars, lead, and treats. As well as the monthly payments for insurance and food. Then compare them to your main budget. It should be pretty easy to see if you can afford a pooch or not, and that will easily settle the argument one way or another.



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