Ensure Your Pooch Stops Chewing All Your Belongings With These Helpful Tips

Posted by Kerri Mosher on January 3, 2017 in Blog |

There are many reasons why your dog might be chewing your belongings. For some dogs, it’s because they are bored in their current surroundings. Or they are looking for you to give them some attention. Whatever the reason, it can be frustrating when you find your beautiful new pair of slippers chewed to pieces! Therefore, here are some helpful tips to ensure your pooch stops chewing all your belongings.


Give them plenty of attention


A lot of the time you might find your items chewed up as your pooch is craving your attention. And they know that by chewing up the item, you are bound to spend some time with them. Therefore, one way you can avoid your pooch eating all your belongings is by giving them attention. Make sure you play with them and give them plenty of cuddles. Spending time with them should stop them heading for your lovely items!

Ensure they have enough chew toys
It also could be down to boredom when your pet heads for your sock draw. After all, your pet knows there are endless ‘toys’ that they can play within your draw.

Therefore, to ensure your pooch stops playing with all your belongings, you should make sure they have plenty of chew toys. Go for ones which are tough to break so that they will have hours of fun playing with the toys. You can find some good ones on sites similar to indestructibledogtoys.org.

They can make a good Christmas present for your pooch, and for you if it stops them eating your stuff!

Take them for their daily walk


It’s so important that you take your pooch for its daily walk. After all, it gives the pet the exercise they need. And coming back exhausted will stop your pooch from heading upstairs to your favorite belongings. After all, a lot of the time they start consuming items because they are trying to burn off energy. But if they have a daily walk, it will stop them being so mischievous.


Tell your vet about the issue


If you find that your items are being destroyed, it’s a good idea to talk to your vet. For one thing, there might be a problem with your pet’s teeth, and that’s why they are resorting to chewing up your stuff. Or as it says on pethealthnetwork.com, it could be a sign that they are anxious and that’s the reason for their behavior. Therefore, let your dog have a thorough check-up and see what is causing them to act that way. If it is down to stress, you can buy plenty of relaxing aromas that you can plug-in your home to stop your pet chewing your items.


Discipline your pet when they do it


It can be hard to tell your furry friend off, but it’s the best way for your dog to learn it’s wrong to chew your stuff. Therefore, you might want to put them in a time out, or not give them their treat to ensure they know it’s wrong to chew your stuff. They will soon learn it’s best to stop doing it to stay on the right side of you!


And remember to put everything away in a safe place if you want to stop your dog getting at them. For example, you ought to put your favorite items in a spare room and shut the door to prevent your pooch chewing away.


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