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Sadly, high utility bills are just another part of life for countless people across the country. When you combine them with the various other costs which circumstance can throw at us, the money we spend to make a home habitable can really take its toll. I’m sure you’ll agree that all the big expenses should be for the things that matter, not the bare necessities! Fortunately, there are various changes and investments you can make to reduce the figures on your utility bills…

Attic Insulation

Heat rises, and due to this fact, the attic is where most of our homes’ heat escapes. This is going to be happening even faster if you don’t have any kind of insulation up there. If you want to spend less on heating, then some decent attic insulation could be an excellent investment. In most cases, I’d recommend getting fiberglass insulation. This is not only very cheap, but very easy to install yourself. Even someone with zero DIY or home improvement skills would find it easy to set up!

Insulate Light Switches and Outlets

This is something that a lot of people forget about when it comes to saving on utilities. However, insulating the light switches in your home can have a huge difference on your monthly bills. Switches and outlets can often be a source of air leaks, which will be a continuous drain on your home heating. Using regular insulation on electrical outlets, as you may have heard already, can be a pretty big fire hazard. This is why you need to find special outlet and switch plate seals, which can be bought cheaply at most hardware stores.

Get a Smart Thermostat

Various energy associations have estimated that homeowners stand to save a whole 10% on their heating bill once you start using a smart, programmable thermostat. Making this change to your home is a little more complicated than insulating a few outlets. However, there’s a lot of resources to help you out, and you shouldn’t find it too difficult. Once it’s all set up, you can program your smart thermostat to go up and down depending on where you usually are at different points in the day. You can have the heating turn off when you leave for work, and come back on 15 minutes before you walk through the door. If you want this kind of convenience, and the chance to save a huge amount on your heating bill, then compare a few smart thermostats today.

Get a Low-Flow Shower Head

It may be surprising to you, but a lot of models of showerhead (particularly old ones) are capable of putting out 4 to 5 gallons per minute! For most low-flow showerheads, that figure is closer to 1.5 gallons. This may sound like a big step down, but even with this kind of output it’s possible to get lovely, high-pressure showers. Again, low-flow shower heads are incredibly easy to install. Once they’re on there, you’ll begin saving a massive amount of money, and lift some of the strain on the world’s water supply.

Use All the Space You Have in Your Dishwasher


When you first moved into your current home, you were probably meticulous about keeping the bills down, and therefore never put the dishwasher on without a full load. As time goes on, a lot of us can become lazy, or simply apathetic, to the amount of water we’re using in this way. If you’ve got a heat dry feature on your washer, you can also save some money by turning this off, and letting your dishes air-dry instead. Hand-washing some of your larger pots and pans can also be a smart move. These take up a lot of space in the dishwasher, and make your water use less economical.

Think Before You Cook

Whether you use a gas or electric oven, it takes a lot of energy to heat it up. You can shave a large amount off of your monthly utility bills by cooking a little more strategically. If you’ve got a toaster oven, consider cooking smaller things a few days of the week, and using that instead. If you don’t have one, then it’s certainly worth the investment! You may not be used to it, but using a toaster oven here and there will keep your family’s bellies full, and save a lot on your utilities.

Make some of these changes, and it won’t take long for you to see a considerable dent in your utility bills. That’s less money going on life’s necessities, and more on the things that really matter!


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