Guys Pay Attention, These Are The Gifts Your Girl Actually Wants

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Guys Pay Attention, These Are The Gifts Your Girl Actually Wants



Are we ready for Christmas boys? Of course, not, you never are, and that’s okay. As women, we can understand that because you never know what to buy. I get it, I do that’s why I’m here to help out. This is the foolproof, or should I say idiot proof list, of what girls actually want as a present. If you read this, you’ll be treated to a wonderful smile the next time you give the girl you love a gift.

Personalise It


There’s a problem with buying a stunning, fashionable piece of jewellery for the woman you love. You can bet that if it’s popular about the half the other guys you know had exactly the same idea. So, instead of getting something unique we all get exactly the same thing. We’ll laugh about it of course, but we will be disappointed the gift wasn’t more special. Thankfully, there’s an easy remedy for this particular problem. You just need to personalise anything that you buy with a message or a name. Jewellery is the perfect option because you can have it engraved to say something truly special. Isn’t that wonderful? You can have a look at options like this one Cuckooland.com.


If It Ain’t Broke

There’s nothing wrong with the classic gifts of flowers, chocolates or if it you’re feeling daring, lingerie. The only thing that I would recommend is that if you’re buying underwear, make sure you get the right size. You don’t want it to be too big or too small because you will be rewarded with an incredibly unhappy girl. A little research in her bedroom closet is advised in this case. As for flowers and chocolates, these are little gifts and shouldn’t be the main attraction. But that doesn’t mean that they won’t be appreciated.

The Greatest Gift? Learning To Listen

The women in your life aren’t stupid, and they know that you need a little help buying gifts. You’ll find that they will start dropping hints near birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries. Speaking of anniversaries, you can find some fantastic gift ideas on Lifehack.org.  But really, all you need to do is listen out for the hints, and they won’t exactly be subtle. They might make sure you catch them looking at a piece of jewellery or point something out on a blog they found online. You can get a lot of brownie points just by paying attention when we talk.

Don’t Burn Your Bridges

You may not get on brilliantly with your girl’s best friend. There’s every possibility that she or he isn’t massively fond of you either. But you shouldn’t burn down the bridges here because they can be incredibly useful when buying a gift. You can find some tips for what to do if you don’t like them on Bustle.com.  I know you don’t want to admit it, but they probably know your girl a lot better than you do. That’s why you should use this knowledge to your advantage finding the perfect gift. Is this cheating? A little yes, but do you want to cheat and win or do you want to play by the rules and lose?

Ooh Shiny


You probably won’t go too far wrong if you buy something pretty. Anything that looks stunning and shines under light will typically go down a treat. This could be jewellery, a piece of crystal or even a set of glasses. It doesn’t matter, if it sparkles girls will probably love it.


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