Yep a mother’s rant post! Day 22

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Yep a mother’s rant post!

Ok so I am going to apologize (Sorry)  for the rant before I start ranting. When I was raising my adult children people always said to me, ( Don’t worry it will get easier) All lies! It never gets easier it just gets harder. Grown children are harder than the toddlers.

What brought this rant on? My oldest son and his wife. My oldest is 27 years old and the stress they cause is unnecessarily at times. Two grown married people with four kids gonna air their business on social media. I see it and ignore it until others want to be dumb and say things and not even know what is going on.

No matter what is posted,  my son gets the raw end of the deal. He has all these dumb people who don’t even know what they are talking about cutting him down calling him names. Now don’t get me wrong, my son is far from being perfect but so the heck is his wife. If people really knew them they would ignore them and let them be.  People can’t do that, they always got to start with my son and it pisses me off.

Sometimes there just playing around and these people just put their noses in it and are so hateful to my son. I love them both and I take my son’s wife side when she is right. I try not to take any sides but sometimes I have to tell my son he is wrong. I try to talk to him and get him to see he is wrong so he can become a better husband and father.

My son and his wife and my grandchildren lived with me. They both need to grow up. I am just sick of her playing the victim all the damn time.  She is not always the victim.

See I am ranting because of my grown son and it makes me mad! Let me tell you a little more about his wife’s family. One of her family members pulled a gun on him. Another family member told his first-born to call him by his name and not daddy. My son was not allowed to eat until everyone else did including people who didn’t live there or help with the food. This is only some of what my son had to live with until I moved back to Michigan and took him out of that hell hole!

They wonder why my son acts the way he does, well, here is some of why he acts the way he does. He put some blame on his wife which I know is not fair to her but it happened.

I am done with my ranting, I do pray my son will get out of the state of Michigan and come down south with me. He needs to get away from them people and he will be closer for me to smack upside the head should he post stupid stuff on social media. It would be nice if my daughter in law and grandkids came with him and they found a house in our area. I will be here for both my daughter in law and my son. I will not think my son is always right because he is my son.

I have been married for 21 years and most of the marriage we have lived out-of-state away from family and for this, I am thankful and believe that it is a big factor as to why our marriage has lasted and continues to last.

I hope you all have a great weekend. I do not plan on posting on the weekends anymore. I am heading to Michigan to where these people are but I am going to be with my family and not them.

This post is kinda funny. I am upset because my son airs his business on social media but I on the hand rant for anyone and everyone to read. Go figure lol.

Will have lots to share when I get back. Take care!


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