Mothers that give birth to NAS babies! Day 21

Posted by Kerri Mosher on May 12, 2016 in Mothers of NAS Babies, My Opinion |

Mothers that give birth to NAS babies!

I feel that mothers that give birth to NAS babies do not get punished and the babies do not get justice for being abused. If a mother gives birth to a baby that dies because they were withdrawing from the drugs that the monster of the mother gave them, then they should be charged with murder. Should a baby be born and make it but suffer and come close to death then the mother should be charged with attempted murder.

Why is this not done? The reason the laws will not get stricter is because they fear the mother won’t get prenatal care. Well, in my opinion, this is bull because if they are a drug user they damn sure are not going to care if they get prenatal care. I mean really why would they get care for an unborn child when they are feeding that child poison?

I think every case of a baby being born should be handled on the severity of the drug usage and the baby’s health due to the drug usage.

Them mothers sit there and pop them pills left and right or do whatever their choice of a drug is and they don’t care about that baby and there is nothing that can be done. Do you know that unborn babies have no rights! Why does an unborn baby have no rights? If they have no rights then why is abortion even a question of wrong or right in the eyes of the law?

I know that there are mothers out there that were using but when they found out they were pregnant they did what they needed to do to stop. This is the kind of mother you need to praise. They love that baby so much they choose to do what was right for their baby and did what they could to have a healthy baby. I am not saying that the baby will be born with no issues, but when a mother gives up the drugs and tries to do what she can for her babies health, that in my opinion makes a strong and loving mother.

That is a mother that needs to keep her baby because if it wasn’t for that baby she would still be doing the drugs. This is why I think every case of a NAS baby should be dealt with depending on the health of the baby at the time of birth.

People do not understand what these precious babies go through unless they have taken care of one. These babies deserve justice and in some cases, it should be more than a slap on the hand.

Any baby that has to be put on methadone to deal with withdraws is server enough that should be punished with more than a slap on the hand.

If I ever became someone important,  I would find a way for every mother to be charged and prosecuted for any child born with serve withdraws. Babies deserve justice, they are human and they did not choose to put them drugs in their tiny helpless bodies.

Joshua seems to get sick a lot and it scares me so bad. When he get sick he gets sick. I have never had a baby get sick as much as he does. He was developmentally delayed for a while. He was about 3 months behind which was how long he was on methadone. We worked him constantly to get him caught up. He is now caught up but still gets sick often.

Joshua Michael

Joshua Michael


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