Billy Mosher 3rd Day 9 500 words challenge

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Billy Mosher 3rd Day 9 500 words challenge.


Billy Mosher 3rd came to us as a foster child. We called him Big Billy because our youngest son at the time was also Billy. Big Billy’s biological parents were drug users. Billy was still had contact with an aunt that had him in her home but was unable to keep caring for Billy. We had Billy in our home for a while and he come to Bill and I asked us if we would adopt him. We never thought at this time about adoption because Billy was a teenager and I didn’t think a teenager would want to be adopted. We adopted Billy on his 15th  birthday.

When Billy was 16 years old he decided he would run away. He got a bus ticket and got on a greyhound and went to Maryland. Someone I knew bought and put my son on this bus to go to Maryland on his own. I called the cops and they refused to help me and refused to stop that bus and get my son off it. On fathers day, Billy came back home.

Billy did not want to go to Arkansas with us when he went so he stayed in Tennessee and then moved to Maryland and that is where he met his wife Tori.

Billy and Tori

Billy and Tori

Billy and Tori have 3 children: Dalton, Lily, and Elijah.

Dalton, Lily, and Elijah

Dalton, Lily, and Elijah


Billy wasn’t a hard kid to deal with but he is very hard-headed. He did well while he was at home with us. Billy was a good fit for our family. We wish he wouldn’t have moved to Maryland but kids grow up and move on. Billy as an adult has some struggles in his life and I worry about him a lot but once your children are adults, you have no say in what they choose to do in life. You just have to sit back, pray and hope they  make the right choices.

Billy seemed to of made better choices when he was at home, now that he is an adult he doesn’t make good choices and I believe it is because he has surrounded himself with people who are no good for him.

I don’t understand why he is even in Maryland anymore. I was told they were staying there because of Tori’s parents. Tori’s dad passed away and her mom moved to Alabama. So that was untrue, I really am stumped about what keeps her there. Billy wants to leave but Tori refuses and Billy is struggling with a drug addiction. He is going to have a hard time fighting this addition as long as he stays around them negative people in Maryland. I really hope the reason they won’t leave that state is worth the risk of her losing her husband and their kids losing a father.

Billy’s name is also William so when he was adopted he kept his first and changed his middle and last name. It was crazy having 2 kids with the same name but one a JR and one a 3rd. Life with my children has never been boring, just wild and crazy.

I am just a mother and this is just how I feel, They are adults and their decision.  A mother will never stop worrying about her children.

I hate narcotics and it would have to be a matter of life before I take one. I refuse to be treated for my anxiety because I will not take narcotics. My anxiety makes me feel like I am going to have a heart attack sometimes and is a big struggle for me.

I will always love all of my children no matter what. I will not always agree with how they have chosen to live their lives but I will never stop giving them my love.

Four children down and 3 more to go. Who is left? Billy Jr, Garrett and Joshua the 3 that are at home still.



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