Who are my parents? 500 words challenge day 2

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Day 2 of my 500 words challenge: Who are my parents?

Who are my parents? Lets begin with my mom.

My mom’s name is Valdren and most people call her Val.  She was born in Carson City, Michigan and raised in Battle Creek, Michigan.  She was only 15 years old when she gave birth to me. She was very young but that did stop her from being a great mother.

I love my mom very much and I am very thankful that I still have her in my life.  I was the oldest out of the four of us kids and I am sure that is why it seemed like my mom was the hardest on me.

My mom raised us in a clean, loving home and we had things we needed to survive. As a child, I can say I was fortunate enough to not have to worry if I was going to eat every day or get them school clothes I needed. I am not saying my mom didn’t struggle when we were kids but she did make sure she provided for us kids.

I remember my mom working as a CNA when I was younger and into my teenage years.  My mom is one of my best friends. We have more in common than any of my other siblings.  The things we have in common are:

  1. We had our first child at a young age.
  2. We both married young and divorced.
  3. We both gave birth to four children ( her 3 girls and 1 boy)  (me all boys )
  4. We both remarried to older men and have enjoyed and still enjoying very long marriages
  5. We both lost a child ( my sister to drug overdose) ( my son to suicide)
  6. We both put our children before anybody on this earth.

My mom today is in her late 50’s and she is raising 2 of her grandkids. She was raising them before my sister passed away due to a drug overdose. My niece is now 18 years old and my nephew is 13 years.  My mom is that woman who gave people a place to live when they didn’t have any place to go. My mom is that woman that helps anybody when it is in her ability.

My mom and my dad got married very young and divorced shortly after. Before they got married my dad knocked up another woman and then came back and married my mom and then my mom was pregnant with my sister.  So to make this a little clearer, there is me 43, my sister Heather from another mother 42, and then my sister Delores (Hope) 41.

I can’t really say a whole lot about my biological dad because most of my life I was with my mom and my step-dad. I love my biological dad and do have a story to tell about him but that is for another time.

My mom got with my step-dad when I was 4 years old. He is name is Orvel but everyone calls him Buck. He was born somewhere in Missouri. I am very thankful for this man. This man married my mom and took us kids in as his own. They had kids together but I can tell you this, no one could tell by the way he treated us, which kids were his and which kids belonged to another man. I love this man with all my heart and he is my dad.

I remember being young and calling him Buck and had that stubborn strike refusing to call him dad. I felt bad when I wanted to call him dad because I truly longed for my biological dad.

I remember my dad Buck having apartments that he owned and I went to help him clean up after people moved out. He told me to grab the trash out of the trashcan, I walk over to the trash and grab a hold of it and the next thing I know my hand is covered in maggots! I screamed and my dad came running over to me and grab my hand and took me to the sink where he turned the water on and got them off me. Let me tell you, he took me home and I never helped him clean out a place after people moved again!

I remember my mom and dad taking us to Charlton Park in Hastings Michigan in the summer. They had a petting zoo there and some of my aunts, uncles, and cousins would go and we would have lots of fun. I have really old pictures of us riding the train and petting goats.  Another place I remember our parents taking us to was the Ionia Free Fair. This was in August every year and we went on the days you could by the armband to ride rides all day.  These are things we did as a family and things I will always hold in my heart.

The one thing that I am proud of my parents for is that they raised me to have respect for others. They gave me good morals and I have common sense. When I look at kids today and see how they lack in respect, morals, and have no common sense, I am very lucky to have the parents I have.

My Dad

My Dad

My Mom

My Mom

My grandparents ( My moms parents)

My grandparents ( My mom’s parents)









I was unable to find a better picture of my mom at this time.  My mom is no longer a smoker 🙂 She quit smoking several months ago when she was put into the hospital for OCPD.

This is my parents and I am proud to say that!

I have over 900 words today and I am also proud that I made it through another day. I know it will get harder but if it was easy then it would not be a challenge. Thank you for taking the time to get to know my family.



What is the one thing that you remember about your childhood that you hold dear to your heart? Please feel free to leave me a comment and share.



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