My week with my Clingy toddler

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Do you have tips on how you get things done when your toddler won’t let you out of there reach? I have learned to manage some things with a baby glued to me, but there are things that seem impossible to get done.

My week with my clingy toddler started on Easter day!

So Sunday we went to church and Joshua was having a hard time with sitting still so I decided I would take him to the nursery . I tried this once before and we both cried and decided we weren’t ready. This time I put him over the gate and walked over so he could not see me. I heard him crying just a little so I walked down to the bottom of stairs and stood there crying and waiting to see if he would be ok. One of the nursery workers told me he was watching the T.V and he was fine and that it was another child crying. I am sure this lady and everyone else thought I was crazy because I was having separation anxiety and crying like big baby.The nursery worker were asked to text me if he did start crying.

I walked out of the building and into the other building were church was going on. On the way over there I told myself that this was good for him and I needed to stop being a big baby and feeling like a bad and mean mommy. Well I say 3 minutes later I got the text that he was crying for me. I of course was still feeling like the worse mommy ever and when I got that text I bolted out of there after him like my life depended on it. I take one step in the building and I hear him crying mommy and my heart melted.

This is when I realized I was not the only one that had separation anxiety. Every since last Sunday things have changed dramatically.  I no longer can go pee alone, Joshua has attached himself to me and does not let me out of his site. He has always loved it when Billy or Garrett would come out of their rooms and pay attention to him. Even trying to get them to hold him or play with him has not worked getting out of the same room away from him to clean or shower.

I am not complaining because I know soon my baby will be out of this stage and they grow up way to fast. It is kinda exhausting and it’s not like you can get a lot done. Today I placed him on the counter with my body in front of him and washed dishes. I just had him in the kitchen with me but that was not enough for him so he bit the back of my leg. Yes he is a little spoiled but I blame some of that on the medical conditions he was born with.

Normally when I take showers I just take him in there with me and he takes a shower with me so I not only managed a shower but give him his bath for the day. I so miss my hot showers and them few minutes to gather my thoughts. Today I decided I was going to wait for him to start playing with his toys and then I was gonna sneak out and leave him with his daddy so I could get a long hot peaceful shower.

I get in the shower and a few minutes later I hear him at the door. He keeps saying mommy,mommy,mommy, so finally I say what after every mommy, I then say I love you, he says love you then I hear him again mommy and I say are you being a good boy.. I can then hear him going back into the front room.

I now stick him in the tub so I can clean the bathroom. This keeps us both in the same room and I am getting some cleaning done. Since Ester day, no longer wants in his bed. He tries to climb out of it and because I am scared of him getting hurt, I don’t leave him in there. I have been complaining I never have time to read so tonight when it was bed time for Joshua, I grab my tablet and I put him in bed and read while I stayed in the room with him so he would go to sleep.

I am also sleep deprived because there are somethings I just cannot do with him and I wait for him to go to sleep and then he is back up 3 or 4 hours after I go to bed.

What do you do to get things done when you have a child attached at the hip? Do you keep finding ways to get stuff done or do you just say forget and deal with letting things go undone?



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