Our trip to Dinosaur World Kentucky

Posted by Kerri Mosher on March 21, 2017 in Our family stories and shares. |

On our way home from visiting family in Michigan, we stopped at Dinosaur World in Kentucky. We felt this was a good way to let the little ones have a break from being in their car seats and letting them release some energy. We had our son Joshua age two, our twin grandchildren ages three […]

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Can’t wait till summer!

Posted by Kerri Mosher on January 9, 2017 in Blog |

One of our favorite family times is Dogwood Park in Cookeville, Tennessee. This is a park that gives me a feeling of a safe place for my children. Why this park is different for the others This park has a spot for toddlers. This is why we love this parks so much. There is one […]

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Family time playing Pokemon Go!

Posted by Kerri Mosher on July 25, 2016 in Our family stories and shares. |

Family time playing Pokemon Go! One night I was sitting out in the front room and my son Billy came out and asked me if he could download Pokemon Go on my phone. I told him yes and had no clue what this Pokemon Go was and didn’t care at the time. So the game […]

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Snapchat fun with the boys. Join me on Snapchat.

Posted by Kerri Mosher on May 30, 2016 @ 9:08 am
in Our family stories and shares., Snapchat |

Snapchat fun with the boys. Join me on Snapchat: Sassiegirl73

Snapchat is a social media that I am still pretty new to. The app is fun and is something you can do with your kids and is a blast. I let the boys take my phone and play. Here is some of the fun we had together. 

Joshua’s Snapchats:

13221743_507447746113160_2339092203384439086_n 13221763_507447576113177_1161577036955131408_n 13233042_507447699446498_5030066082188116126_n 13239939_507447762779825_3209306027388875655_n 13240546_507447616113173_7889248482147394843_n 13244881_507447802779821_4888066981806370931_n 13256148_510277422496859_1711841810107427457_n 13263735_507447839446484_3240621523744524411_n 13269276_507447856113149_3651781656127779897_n 13315705_510277472496854_4511437743818330590_n

Garretts Snapchats:

13325565_510277509163517_7717606439903265299_n 13307411_510277439163524_434211673553085122_n 13265981_507447556113179_8126756985706494713_n 13265960_507447779446490_4274916725174357940_n 13263835_507447679446500_8274328553295192366_n 13256100_507447712779830_58009942044909095_n 13254526_507447819446486_7629214776653397510_n 13244725_507447666113168_5193105780468696468_n

My Snapchats:

13227120_507447876113147_4964825076587088436_n 13230355_507447496113185_940660629061071775_n 13256006_507447529446515_5689462836319544305_n 13319753_510277529163515_5267741432746659813_n

Come learn Snapchat with me and add me: Sassiegirl73 is my user.

Snapchat is an image messaging and multimedia mobile application created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown when they were students at Stanford University. The company headquarters are located in Venice, California.

How to Create and Send Snaps


To take a photo Snap: Just tap once

To record a video Snap: Press and hold

To send a Snap: Tap  and select the friends you want to share your Snap with, display it on your Story or both!


You can learn more about Snapchat by clicking on this link: https://support.snapchat.com/en-US/

If you would like to add your Snapchat in the comments I will be happy to add you to my friends. Happy Snapchatting!

Happy Monday and I hope you all have a great week.



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Happy Mothers Day to all of you mothers!

Posted by Kerri Mosher on May 8, 2016 in Mothers Day, Parenting |

Happy Mothers Day to all of you Mothers! I hope all you moms out there enjoy your day and that you have memories of the day with your kids. The boys and I had a day together and that is what I love about being a mother.  We first started with having lunch at the […]

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Skating with the kids.

Posted by Kerri Mosher on April 5, 2016 in Our family stories and shares., Our weekends & outings |

I love to get the kids out of the house and away from the computers and T.V’s. I had done said once Joshua my youngest could walk, I was going to take him skating. He will be 2 years old in July and he went skating for the first time last weekend. He did really […]

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A good start of the weekend with my boy!

Posted by Kerri Mosher on February 27, 2016 in Our family stories and shares., Our weekends & outings |

I love seeing my boys play together and watch the bond grow between them. The boys had extra fun this morning when they got to play with large boxes. It is funny how a box can entertain them for hours and $50.00 toy will only entertain them for a few seconds. I believe that when […]


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