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You might think that pet dogs and super clean homes don’t go together. You might think even trying to keep your home in pristine condition when you have a shedding beast living with you is like trying to mix oil and water – impossible – but it really isn’t.


If you want to keep your property pristine, despite the presence of your much-loved pooch, here are a few things you need to do…


The ‘B’ Word


Your dog might hate it, and that might make you reluctant to do it as often, but bathing your dog once a month is essential if you want to maintain a clean home – do it any more often and it could strip away their skin’s essential oils. Obviously, if he gets muddy in between, use pet wipes or the hose to clean him off, but otherwise, stick to the regime and minimize the stink.


Brush Often


You should also brush your dog’s coat regularly. If he has a long or thick coat, then you can brush him every day, to get rid of hair before it sheds all over your furniture, and to keep his coat healthy. If his hair is shorter, brushing every few days should suffice.


Invest in a Pet Vacuum

If despite your best efforts, your home is still covered in pet hair, then you probably aren’t using a powerful enough vacuum. Take a look at petallergyvacuum.guide to see what kind of machine you could be using and use it daily. If you have a very hairy dog, you may even need to vacuum twice, but if you’re doing everything else right, that’s unlikely.


While we’re on the subject of vacuuming, remember to vacuum your furniture too – it’s easier than cleaning it up with a lint roller or trying to get it off your clothes after you’ve sat down!


Use a Swiffer Sweeper


If you have hardwood floors in your home, in addition to using a good pet vacuum, you might want to invest in a Swiffer Sweeper too. These things are really great at picking up stray dog hairs from the floor, and they can be a real lifesaver when you don’t want to get the vacuum out for a more thorough clean.


Wipe Him Down


If your dog tends to get muddy, then hang a towel by the door he comes in and clean him off before he sets his little paws on the floor, or heaven forbid the furniture! You might even want to invest in a microfiber welcome mat, which will absorb the mud from his paws as he comes in.


Use Dish Soap


If your dog has an accident, it’s important that you clean it up quickly, especially if it’s pee, which can smell pretty bad and be pretty persistent. The best way to do this is by blotting the stain paper towels and then washing with a mixture of ½ tsp clear dish soap and a cup of water. Blot again and repeat if necessary.


Lots of Leather


When you’re choosing brand new furnishings for your home, leather and microfiber are always welcome because you can wipe them down and clean them off with a lot less effort than other common fabrics.


Light Pet Odor Candles

Pet odor candles, like the ones from k9granolafactory.com, are brilliant inventions, which when lit, help to cover and even remove the smell of your pets from the place so that the place always smells fresh. Obviously, you should be cleaning, dusting and polishing regularly anyway, but when you need a boost, lighting one of these candles really works.


Weekly Washing


You should also wash your dog’s bed at least once a week if you want to avoid pet odors. If your dog is a puppy, then you might need to wash it even more often until he gets the hang of things.


Exercise Regularly


If you’re worried about your dog making a mess of the house by chewing on furniture and tearing things up, then you need to ensure that he gets lots and lots of exercise. Mostly, dogs chew and cause mayhem because they’re bored; if they have plenty of toys and they get at least two long walks each day, they should stop. If they don’t, a little behavioral training from a professional may be necessary.


I hope this helps you keep your home clean, fresh and most importantly, a great place for you, your family and your dog to be.


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