A Healthy and Happy Baby – How to Go Natural

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Parents’ top priority is the health of their baby. However, new parents are often faced with an overwhelming number of contradictory tips about raising their child, and it is difficult to determine what is good and what bad. Besides following your instincts, the best thing you can do is to make caring for your little bundle of joy as natural as it can get. We know that you’re fed up with parenting advice, but in this text, you will find many helpful guidelines about natural baby care.

Establish (don’t force) a routine

When a newborn comes to your home, it is very likely that you will have to change your routine and adapt it to the new circumstances. Although a routine for the baby cannot and shouldn’t be forced, it is important to try to introduce some predictability into your little one’s day. The first thing to work on is a bedtime ritual (singing a song, reading a book, bath, etc.). Nap times are also crucial; to determine those, you should see at what times your baby feels tired and sleepy. Finally, your baby will signal you when he or she feels hungry, and in time, you’ll figure out the routine.

Breastfeed (if you can)

The most natural way to feed your baby is by breastfeeding. Breast milk has numerous benefits, including providing all the necessary vitamins and nutrients, building immunity, protecting from allergies, boosting intelligence, preventing obesity and lowering the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). It is also good for you too, because it helps you lose the postpartum weight.

Keep it natural after breastfeeding

At some point, your baby will start eating solid food, and here you need to be really careful about the schedule on which you introduce different types of food. You also need to do your best to prepare most of the foods from fresh and organic ingredients. When that is not an option, make sure you only get the best organic broths, mashes and porridges.

Natural wiping and bathing

Commercial bathing products and wipes can contain a lot of harmful ingredients, including benzyl alcohol, caprylic triglyceride, citric acid fragrance and disodium EDTA. That’s why it is essential to use natural baby wipes and organic or homemade bathing products. You should be aware, that babies’ skin has natural protective oil, so there is even no special need to use a shampoo and wash.

Choose lotions, creams and powders carefully

Just like baby wipes and shampoos, lotions, oils, powders and diaper creams can contain harmful ingredients that irritate your little one’s skin and can enter his/her organism through pores (e.g. talc in baby powder is linked to asbestos). Again, we suggest to buy all-natural products, or to make your own by using ingredients like shea butter, chamomile, coconut oil and calendula flowers.

Organic clothing and bedding fabrics


Non-organic fabrics can irritate your baby’s skin, because they can contain residues from pesticides and other toxins. Instead of them, be sure to purchase clothes made of organic cotton, wool and other healthy fabrics that cannot do any harm to your baby.

Natural ways of dealing with pain

Stomach cramps and teething can be truly painful and exhausting for your little one. However, pain relievers are not a healthy way to deal with them. In these situations you can use chamomile tincture. Tummy troubles can also be addressed with chamomile tea and rubbing the baby’s foot to relax and ease the ache.

Optimize the nursery lighting

Introducing a lot of natural light into the room is our reflex when it comes to interior design, but you should be aware that your newborn just got out of your womb where it got accustomed to the comfort of the dim environment. That’s why you need to start introducing light sparingly. In the beginning, make the nursery room dim (not completely dark). This will help your newborn feel more comfortable and fall asleep faster.

Mother Nature is the most important mother of all, and that’s why it is always best to follow her cues for taking care of your baby.

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