Big Reasons You Might Not Be Getting Any Sleep

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Sleep is crucial. We’re not sure exactly why we need it and what purpose it fulfills, but we know that not getting enough can detrimental effects in every part of our lives. Beyond feeling constantly tired, poor sleep habits increase stress, chances of heart disease, and even weight loss and gain. You have to get rid of your difficulty going to sleep at night for the good of your health. That means identifying what the problems are, to begin with. Here, we’ll take a look at the most common.

The unwanted houseguest

Don’t let the bedbugs bite. It’s a common phrase to say at bedtime, but it’s also a very real risk. Bedbugs aren’t just an unwanted guest, they can very well get in the way of sleep. Their bites cause itching and even swelling and irritation sometimes, none of which is going to help you enjoy getting some peace in your bed. It’s worth looking for the signs of them, such as tiny black spots on the bed which could be their excrement. Otherwise, it can be hard to tell whether it’s them or some other factor like a fabric that doesn’t agree with your skin. If you find out that you do, indeed, have some bedbugs having a sleepover, you may need to hire a professional to ensure that the home is free of them.

Return to the scene of the crime

A criminal lack of sleep is often perpetrated by the very place where you’re trying to sleep in the first place. The bed itself should be the first suspect. You may very well be able to feel the discomfort of a bed that doesn’t fit your body or is a little well past its use-by date. Visit the best mattress guide on the internet to try to find a different kind of bed. It might also be worth switching out your bed fabrics with less irritating alternatives like hypoallergenic linens for people with sensitive skin. If there are issues like poor support for your neck, then it might be worth getting rounded or V-shaped pillows to offer better support when you’re in bed, as well.


Create the right environment

It’s worth looking outside the bed, too. Temperature control is one of the biggest issues when it comes to getting a night’s sleep. In the summer, it’s easy enough to choose much lighter sheets and put on a fan. In the winter, getting to rest in a cold bed can be much harder, so look at these bed warming tips to help you get cozy in there. A heated water bottle under the blankets for ten to fifteen minutes before you crawl in can do a world of good. Another issue that can get in the way of sleep is clutter, surprisingly. Clutter causes stress, which can lead to difficulty sleeping. So, tidy up before bed, regardless of what time it is, and free up more storage space to create a more minimalistic bedroom.

Have a proper nighttime ritual

The unfortunate reality of the average bedtime ritual is that for a lot of people, it involves falling asleep in front of a TV or a monitor. The blue light that electronics produce is wildly detrimental to a good night’s sleep. Even if it wasn’t, TV, smartphones, and the like are distractions that keep the mind active. Spend a good 15-20 minutes “warming down” at night to get ready for bed. This includes rescheduling those late-night workouts and making sure you don’t eat sugary or fatty foods too soon before bed. Meditation can be a great tool for finding some peace before tucking in.


Hit all the senses

The active mind is going to be your worst enemy when trying to sleep and sometimes meditation isn’t enough. There are a lot of tools you can use to make your bed all the more relaxing, however. For instance, aromatherapy can work wonders. Lavender, in particular, is widely and well-known for its sleep-inducing properties. A lavender scent in the bedroom can do a lot of good. There are a lot of apps to help with sleep, as well. Many of these create gentle soundscapes designed to relax the listener and create white noise to block out any other distractions that might keep you up.

Finding the right mix of habits and changes to the bedroom to find your perfect night’s sleep can be difficult. But it’s a process of trial and error worth getting right if the difference isn’t immediately noticeable.


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