Who Says Being A Mom Has To Be Stressful?

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Well, we do. It’s hard and nobody can deny that. The ups and downs it brings mean we’re on a constant emotional and physical rollercoaster. Granted, the ups do outweigh the downs, but sometimes it’s good to find your happy place and realize what it means to de-stress and ease any pains. This post is going to give you a few hints and tips to achieving a stress-free life as a mom.


Days Out With Friends

If there are one us moms forget to do, it’s getting out there and have some girly time. Even if it’s just once a month, having something to look forward to that isn’t a few hours sleep at the end of the night is crucial. Whether it simply be popping round to a friend for a quick catch up, or a full on night out filled with food, fun, and most importantly, cocktails. Unloading all the stress of family life with your friends could be the trick you need to keep your sanity. As nice as it is having a partner around to talk to, there’s nothing like getting together with friends to have some fun. One particularly good way of unwinding with friends is a spa day. Although it may be expensive, being pampered by someone else is the ultimate way to forget about all stresses and relax, and what better way to do it than with your friends?


Looking After Your Health


Have you ever noticed that cold you get seems 10x worse than any cold you’ve ever had in your life? That’s because it is! When your mom there isn’t enough time in the day to sit and rest to truly recover from the virus that’s within you. So some easy ways to try to combat illness are as follows. As silly as it may sound, make sure your bedding is washed and fresh and the windows are open in your room as soon as you wake up. Letting the fresh air in and circulate around the room will help clear out any germs lingering in the air. Also, if possible, at the end of the day when the kids are in bed have a hot shower or bath to clear any toxins out of the pores. One final tip is to keep hydrated and keep fueled with healthy greens and fruits. If you’re trying to clear the cold asap, try taking some added vitamins to boost the immune system. Now, how about that back ache you’re always complaining about? Every mom gets it, bending down and picking up toy after toy, carrying a crying child after crying child is bound to take its toll on your back. One good way of easing it is purchasing a rolling mat. Simply lie on the floor with it resting in your lower back. Roll forwards so it moves up your back and the repeat. This will help stretch out all of the lower muscles and can provide some much-needed relief. Another quick and long-term solution is chiropractic therapy. This involves different maneuvers to realign the muscles joints and bones all along the spine and into the neck. It provides instant long last relief and can make you feel a lot more nimble. If this is something you’d consider doing, head to clinics such as Clnicube and see what they can do for you.


Date Night

Now, this one is easily as important as important as getting out and seeing our friends. Usually, after running round after loud attention demanding children, the last thing you want to do is doll yourself up and go on a date. But keeping the romance alive whilst still being a mom is essential. And there’s nothing like the feeling of doing your make up and picking a lovely outfit, to then be wined and dined by your partner. This is also another great way of unloading any stresses you may be feeling. It also gives you chance to connect on a different level. Conversations can be had that aren’t “how was your day” or “how are the kids”. It gives you chance to laugh and joke as you once used to.

Now, I know we all have our ways of reducing stress when it comes to being a mom, but we believe health and mental happiness are one of the key elements. Being a mom at times can get on top of us all, and without finding an outlet such as the ones above it can get overwhelming. If you have your own personal way of staying stress-free as a mom, let us know below!


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