How To You Give Your Kids A Room That Will Grow With Them?

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Kids love their rooms. It’s incredibly important that they have a space that they can call their own where they are totally able to get away from everyone else and just spend some time by themselves. Sure, they will want to spend time with their family as well, but as they get older, they will appreciate the fact that they have somewhere private to spend some quiet time by themselves. The major issue that a lot of parents and kids run into is how they can make their room grow up with them. After all, no kid wants to spend their time in a room that’s themed around something that they haven’t cared about for years. This becomes especially important when your kids get to those all important teen years. They aren’t going to want a kid’s room. They want a space that feels more grown up and mature. So how do you do it? How do you go about creating a room that will mature alongside your kids? Well, it’s not always easy, but here are just a few things that you can do to make it quite a bit easier.


Simple decor


It’s tempting to decorate your child’s room with lots of bright colors and exciting shapes when they’re younger. After all, it will stimulate them, entertain them and give them something to enjoy. However, after a while, it’s going to start seeming more like a baby’s room than anything else. Of course, that’s fine when they are a baby, but you’ll find that they start to want something that reflects their age a lot sooner than you might expect. As soon as they are old enough to go to school, they’ll probably want to be treated a little bit more like a grown up. The best way to do this without having to completely redecorate every year is to keep the decor simple. Let things like toys, furniture, and pictures give the room its personality instead. These are things that will change as your child gets older and you’ll be able to help them keep their room up to date with the things that they like much more easily.

Flexible furniture

Obviously, your child is going to grow out of their crib pretty fast, but you should be careful of what comes after that. Sure, a race car bed might be incredibly exciting when they’re five, but it won’t be long before they start complaining about it being “babyish”. Because of that, stick to the kind of furniture that they can be happy with for years. A bed that simply looks like a smaller version of an adult bed is a great option since they can express themselves with things like their sheets much more easily that way. Instead of a chair that they will grow out of, both literally and figuratively, in the room, why not give them a bean bag. Places like www.fombag.com/Kid_Sized_Bean_Bags_Fombag.html offer some perfect kid-sized bags that will be comfortable for them for years. And let’s face it; it doesn’t matter how old they get, every kid loves a bean bag!


Create space


Little kids don’t really need that much space in their room. For one thing, they won’t spend as much time playing alone in their room since they need constant supervision, which means that they will often end up playing in the living room with you. But as they get older and decide that they want more space all to themselves, there are simple ways to deal with that. Look at the way that you child’s room as been arranged until now. There probably a bunch of things that you can do in order to make more space in it. If you have kids sharing a room then why not get them bunk beds? Not only will they enjoy climbing and down the ladder, but it will also give them a lot more room for playing games and doing activities. Keeping things like beds and furniture pushed up against the walls is a good idea too since it’s much better to have one large space in the middle of the floor than having the floor space carved up.


Make the walls easy to change

The walls of their room are often the best place for your child to express themselves and their interests. Because of that make sure that they have easy access to the walls as much as possible. Leave large wall spaces blank so that they can put up posters of their favorite movies and bands, pictures of their friends, and other things that are personal to them. But by making them easy to change, your child can take things down and replace them easily whenever the mood takes them. That way they feel much more of a sense of ownership over their room and will start to get the feeling of freedom that is so important as a child gets older.


It can often be pretty tough to accept that your child wants to spend more time on their own. After all, most parents love being their child’s best friend in the world, and they don’t really want to give that up. The early years where you and your child are practically joined at the hip are the times that many parents look back on the most fondly. But by giving them a space that is all their own and that they have a lot more control over than anywhere in the house, you’re teaching them incredibly important skills like independence, responsibility, and self-reliance. If you help them create a room that will be the kind of place they want to spend time no matter how old they are, they’ll be that much happier and that much more content to spend time with the rest of the family as well. And who knows, if you’re really lucky then they might even invite you in to hang out with them in their room every once in a while.



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