Meditation For Mommies: How Meditating Can Transform You Into A Better Parent

Posted by Kerri Mosher on April 21, 2017 in Blog |

Raising children is one of the hardest jobs on planet Earth. Raising one child can be a heroic task, and raising a large family of them can be a herculean task. Mom’s worldwide are some of the strongest people, not only do they have to keep a house in order, but they have to make sure they attend to the emotional requirements of even the most demanding children.


Not to mention the different developmental stages children of different ages are in, and what level of parenting they respond to the best. Despite the ultimate privilege of raising children, sometimes it can feel like an overwhelming amount of responsibility to juggle.


Over time, it’s easy to get burned out, despite our best intentions. However, there is a brilliant way to combat this, and modern stress-busting trends are now focussed on the ancient Vedic traditions of doing things. In order to harness the wisdom of the old masters, incorporating meditation can help you in innumerable ways.




This is one of the greatest benefits of a consistent meditation schedule. In only eight weeks, structural brain changes that positively accentuate areas that regulate emotion and empathy are heightened. Your ability to flow, listen to how your children are communicating with you and observe the sometimes hidden meaning behind their words can be valuable. Sometimes it might be easier to figure out if they are having troubles at school. Sometimes it might be as simple as realizing you need to replace their scooter wheels. In any case, having a greater empathetic ability will ensure you’re on the same wavelength as your children, even when you’re highly stressed.




Most moms worth their salt are stressed most hours of the day. Of course they are, it’s a worry filled job. Love comes with both joys and worries, so finding a way to emotionally regulate these can be a great advantage to help deal with the difficulties every child faces, especially during adolescence. Meditation has been proven to help your cortisol levels, and that can help even in situations that previously racked you with stress.




This is a simple point. If you’re present, you’re available. You’re there for your kids. You’re not living vicariously through your thoughts and difficulties. Your problems are just that, problems, not crippling difficulties you allocate mental resources to throughout all hours of the day. In order to be the best you, become a meditator.


So where do you begin?


Well, it’s very easy! You just have to find a comfortable place to sit (preferably where you won’t be disturbed,) and follow your breathing. You can follow the way your breath raises your chest, or follow the passing of air through your nostrils. If your mind wanders, don’t scold yourself, just gently return the awareness back to your breath. This will be the anchor of your practice.


That’s it! Keep this up for only 10 minutes a day if you’d like to experience changes in only a couple of months. The investment is tiny, but the results can be amazing!


You’re already a brilliant mom with many skills at your disposal. Why not add one more?



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