A Safe Garden The Whole Family Can Enjoy

Posted by Kerri Mosher on April 20, 2017 in Blog |

When you buy your first ever family home, chances are one of the most selling points for you is the garden. Having a garden for your children to play in is a huge way to enjoy your home together, especially in the modern-day. Kids these days spend an awful lot of time indoors playing video games – and while there isn’t anything wrong with that in small doses, there’s no arguing that time spent outdoors is great for a child’s development. With that in mind, it makes sense for you to create a fun and stimulating outdoor environment for your child, but also one that is safe as well. When your children are young, you probably will supervise them constantly while they are playing outdoors, even in a closed off garden. But as they get older, you may find that you can just leave them to it while you get on with chores or finishing off some work inside the home. You will be able to do so with much greater peace of mind if you know that your garden is somewhere safe for your children to be – here are some ways you can make it a haven for everyone.

Dangerous plants

Plenty of common garden plants can be worryingly deceptive. They may look beautiful, but they could be harboring a nasty secret, either regarding being poisonous if consumed or causing a rash or reaction if touched. Young kids, in particular, want to put just about everything in their mouths, so make sure you teach your children from a young age that they should never eat any of the garden plants. Familiarize yourself with the most common toxic plants and always check the toxicity label on any new plant you purchase.

Your pond

Having a pond in your backyard is a great way to add some tranquillity to the area, as well as being a great tool for attracting wildlife. However, it can also pose some hazards to your family if you do not take the necessary precautions. The most obvious one that can affect children is drowning – if your pool is quite deep and your child cannot swim, you are best off placing a fence around it while they are still small, to eradicate this problem altogether. Another hazard is that your pond water can easily become dirty and unsanitary, which is why pond liners are essential for any pond. It is also worth installing a filter system, especially if you have fish in your pond, to keep a clean supply of water flowing in at all times.

Season Summer Green Maple Leaves Leaf Tree

A lack of shade

There’s nothing quite like lazy summer afternoons spent as a family, playing in the garden. However, if you don’t have any shade in your garden, you could put putting both yourself and your children at risk of developing sunstroke and sunburn. If you want natural shade, the most obvious option is a tree with dense leaves and branches. If you’re happy with something a little more artificial, consider installing a gazebo or a shaded seating area.



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