Obstacles That Are Interfering With Your Family’s Health: Overcome!

Posted by Kerri Mosher on April 19, 2017 in Blog |

As a mom, the mantra of providing and protecting is never very far from your mind when you are looking after your family. But there are certain things that act as a barrier to caring for our families health. Such as embarrassment, cost, or even a lack of knowledge. But these issues can all be overcome in one way or another. Read on to find out how.


Issue 1: Cost


So, who doesn’t have to worry about the cost of keeping your family healthy? Especially if you have a large brood? Add up the price of healthy food, medical care, and everyday essentials, and it can seem like an insurmountable task.

But there is definitely way in which you can reduce the cost of caring for your family’s health. For example look at buying everyday health essentials like vitamins, hygiene products and contacts lenses such as Acuvue 2 over the internet.


There you can make massive savings, especially if you subscribe to a service that ships you them regularly. Leaving more money to put towards another aspect of the family’s health care.


Issue 2: Embarrassment

Don’t underestimate the power of embarrassment when dealing with family health care issues. It can be super tough for a child or teenager, to be honest about some health issues. Especially if it is something that might make you see them differently. Even things as simple and every day as constipation or a urine infection.

It can also be being difficult for the parent to deal with them as well. But remember the more open and honest you are with your children about these types of things, the easier they will find it to come and talk to you about them.   


Issue 3: Knowledge


Another issue that can seriously get in the way of your family’s health is knowledge of the problem. Of course, most of us aren’t medical professionals, so we don’t necessarily know what is going on at first glance.


However, we are lucky enough to have a wealth resources available to us through the internet. Which means that we can use it, not only for help in gaining a possible diagnosis but also in locating support once a condition has been discovered.


For example, if someone in your family has been diagnosed with high blood pressure, you can read more about the condition and way to help with it, on sites such as The American Heart Association. You can also find specialist information on many other conditions such as anxiety disorder, depression and fibromyalgia on the web.

Issue 4: Being Overprotective


Being overprotective is a tough issue, as it’s a relative term and different families will see different behaviors as problematic. Generally, it means to coddle or care too much for a child or member of the family’s health issue when they don’t really need it.
But of course, it’s very difficult sometimes to know when someone truly needs sympathy and support and when they don’t. We have to be careful that we don’t write off their complaints, as well as not making them too sensitive to every little thing that is bothering them. Which really can only be done through constant communication and negotiation, coming from a place of love.  


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