Four Easy Ways To Get More Nutrients Into Your Picky Eater

Posted by Kerri Mosher on March 28, 2017 in Blog |

If you’re a parent, you’ll probably know that sometimes kids can be extremely fussy eaters. Tastes can change from one week to the next and sometimes even between days – one meal a sweet potato might be the most delicious thing in the world, but the next day your five-year-old will be glaring at it like it’s bright blue and made of poison. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to make sure that your favorite little picky eater stays healthy…


Cover The Vegetables In Cheese

Okay, so that’s a bit of an exaggeration – no one’s saying that you should cover every single piece of broccoli with some cheese to trick your child into consuming it. But it’s a whole lot easier to get your kid to eat mushrooms or beans as part of a vegetable pasta bake when there’s some melted cheese and tomato sauce in there instead of eating vegetables that are simply sitting there on their plate. You could also chop up vegetables along with cubed potatoes and roast them with some tomato sauce to turn them into something that your kids will absolutely love.

Get Juicing

Secondly, remember that juicing is always an option. If you’re not sure where to start then check out the best ones here. Juicing means that you can combine fruits and vegetables that your kids might not always eat something that they think of as a lot more palatable – add a straw and maybe even a little cocktail umbrella to make the resulting juice a lot more exciting to consume. Smoothies are also a good call if your kids aren’t great at eating fruit.

Be Patient

If your child is a fussy eater then it can be very easy to get frustrated quickly – it’s just a pile of sweet corn, for Pete’s sake, so why won’t they eat it? But the truth is that you need to make sure that you take plenty of deep breaths and that you don’t lose your temper because mealtimes need to be focused more on ensuring that your family is all happy and comfortable and enjoying spending time forever. If your child is taking forever to eat their peas one by one with a spoon, that’s okay – at least they’re getting eaten. Don’t create a bad atmosphere around food because you’ll find that that might be a problem down the line sometime in the future, and it definitely won’t help your picky eater expand his or her appetite.

Make It Fun

Finally, remember that food can be fantastic! Kids’ foods can often be a lot more boring than adults – because we get worried they’ll be picky, we don’t use sauces or intense flavors. Disregard those rules and switch up your kids’ dinners by getting inspired by Thai spices or Indian curries or Italian pasta sauces, and make sure that the food is presented in a fun way – shape out smiley funny faces, put the food into trays with different sections, or use plates with your kids’ favourite Paw Patrol characters on there. No matter what you do, be aware you will find a solution.


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