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When you are a mom, you don’t have much time to do things for yourself. Sometimes you are literally are so busy it can even be tough to find enough time to pop to the bathroom! That makes getting fit problematic because you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to this goal. However, there are some ways that you can fit in short bursts of exercise into your day, and get fit in less than 10 minutes Which is just perfect for busy moms. Read on to find out more.




HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training originally come from the military. In fact, it is their way of getting the troops as fit as possible in the shortest amount of time. So it’s perfect to do in 10-minute sessions here and there when the kids are sleeping, or engrossed in their favorite TV show.


The idea is that you do a longer session of high-intensity workouts, with only smaller periods for rest. That means it greatly ups the calorie burning and muscle-building potential while reducing the overall time of the workout.

The best thing is that you can even do it in your own home, with very little equipment. So it’s not a major investment when you have all that baby stuff that you need to buy.


Yoga and Pilates


Other types of exercise that can be done in shorter sessions at home are Yoga and Pilates. Yoga is based on an ancient way of training the body to be able to hold certain positions or asanas, that not only encourage flexibility and balance but also calm the mind.


Pilates is a more modern activity that was designed to elongate the muscles and address any balance issues in the body. So it helps to promote good posture and a strong core.


There is even a crossover method know as PIYO which combine the two. You can read this PIYO review to learn more if you fancy giving it a go.


Remember too, that whichever one of these you pick you can usually fit into 10 minutes time slot, so it is very convenient for a busy mom.


Stroller Jogging

Something else that you can do in short bursts and that is brilliant for a busy mom is stroller jogging. This is when you take the baby with you when you exercise, and run with the stroller, raising your heart rate and getting the blood pumping around your body.


This works particularly well if you have kids that have to be with you a lot. Just start with a smaller route like 5 or 10 minutes at a time, and then build up to longer ones when you get a bit more experienced.


Home equipment

Another brilliant way of getting in 10 minutes of exercise is to invest in some simple home equipment. I’m not talking about an expensive item like treadmills or elliptical joggers. But things like an up and down stepper, or some weights that you can do in front of the TV in the evening when you are watching your favorite show.


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