3 Natural Ways You Can Banish Stress For Good

Posted by Kerri Mosher on March 20, 2017 in Blog |

As mom’s, we have a lot to be stressed about. Life can get complicated, and it feels like there’s one big challenge every day. But, that doesn’t mean we’re doomed to a life full of stress. No, there are ways you can banish your stress, and here they are:

Get More Sleep

Sleep is such a beautiful remedy for a lot of life’s problems. By getting a good night’s sleep, you will always wake up feeling more refreshed, relaxed, and recharged. If you’re going about your business on four or five hours sleep, then you’re bound to be more cranky, which leads to more stressful feelings. Plus, when you’re asleep, it means you’re awake for less time meaning you have less time to stay awake thinking about things that cause you more stress.


Getting more sleep is easier said than done, but it is possible for everyone to achieve this. It all boils down to your sleeping arrangements. Create a space where you can truly relax and get to sleep easier every night. Have a bed that’s comfortable and makes you want to melt away into the sheets and sleep forever. You need a good mattress and some big, soft, comforters like the ones on the Plumeria Bay website. Now, you have a bed that’s so comfy you’ll struggle to resist closing your eyes as soon as you hit the hay. Also, get off your phone at night and don’t watch TV. Try reading instead as it can tire you out quickly and send you off to sleep a lot faster.

Practice Daily Meditation

There are lots of people who look down on meditation and think it’s a load of spiritual mumbo jumbo. But, it’s really nothing like that at all. Meditation is a harmless act that is designed to help bring more clarity to your thoughts and rid you of stress. Essentially, it’s like giving yourself a brief timeout from your day. You sit down somewhere, close your eyes, and start being more conscious of your breathing. Take deep breaths in and out, and relax your muscles, making all that stress melt away. A lot of people find that meditating for just thirty minutes a day – either all in one go or split up –  can vastly reduce their stress levels.


Now, I know what you’re thinking, how can you find the time to meditate as a busy parent? All you need to do is take thirty minutes before you go to bed and meditate. Or, split it up into two fifteen minutes or even three ten minute bursts in the day. There will always be a free thirty minutes in your day somewhere. So, just try to find somewhere peaceful to sit, close your eyes, and meditate. Personally, I think it’s better to split that thirty minutes up throughout the day as it means you can meditate at different times and take a little break from your day now and then. A ten-minute meditation session can really help you when things are getting hard to deal with.

Take Up Yoga

Taking up yoga is another great thing you can do if you’re full of stress. What you have to realize is that stress affects you both physically and mentally. It plays with your mind and leads to loads of bad thoughts which just help to make you feel more and more stressed. But, stress also plays with your body and makes you feel tenser. What happens when you tense up? Your muscles become tight, and your posture will suffer too. Have you ever seen a stressed person with perfect posture walking freely with their head up? No, it never happens! They’re always slouched over, with their head down, probably thinking about something that’s causing them more stress. More often than not, stressed people end up with sore a sore back, neck, and shoulders. Which, you guessed it, only contributes to more stress!


Yoga is a great way to address the physical impact of stress, and help you feel more relaxed. In many ways, it’s a bit like meditation but with a more physical and active element. Yoga helps you focus on your breathing and gets you to relax and stretch your muscles. As a result, you’ll soon become a lot looser and start relieving the physical effects of stress on your body. If you have time to practice a fifteen-minute yoga routine every day, then it will help you get rid of stress so quickly. If not, then a couple of times a week is still a great way to feel more relaxed.


The great thing about these ideas is that they’re all natural and you have no need for anti-stress medication!


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