Forget Theft, A Fire Is The Greatest Threat To Your Home

Posted by Kerri Mosher on January 18, 2017 in Blog |

Imagine you wake up in the middle of the night and you smell…smoke. It seems to be creeping under your door like a murky ghost. You think you’re dreaming but you can taste the ash in the air. You can feel the heat on the walls. The sweat is dripping down your face and you know, it’s not a nightmare. The house is on fire and now you have to act. What do you do? Well, before we get into that maybe we should think about some of the things that can lead to this horrific scenario.


It’s possible that you’ve been forgetful and accidentally left something like the oven or hob on downstairs. Generally speaking, this shouldn’t cause a fire straight away but it certainly will eventually. That’s why you should always check that everything is switched off before you go to bed. Candles are one of the main causes of fires in the home, particularly in the winter season. It doesn’t bare to think about how many houses have burnt down due to Christmas candles. You might also find that the fire is caused by faulty tech such as a phone charger. You can’t prevent this from happening but you can check out reviews of any tech before you bring it into your home. Make sure it’s safe to use. Now that we’ve gone over some of the main causes is there anything you should do to prepare for this type of situation?

Teach Your Kids What To Do


Kids often learn about fires in school. They are taught to get down low and if possible soak a cold flannel to put over their face or any type of material. Getting low prevents too much smoke being breathed in because as we know, smoke rises to the ceiling. Low on the ground, there is more oxygen and air to breathe. However, it’s also important that kids know how to get out the house in the event of a fire. Generally speaking, the best way is the front door, but what if that’s blocked off. What if the whole of the ground floor is ablaze. It’s possible this has happened if the fire started in the kitchen. The best option then is to break the bedroom window. You can then throw the mattress out and all your bed covers. This should cushion the fall. Hopefully, you can get to your children in the event of a fire. But if you can’t, this is their best option.

Mending The Home


Once the fire is out and everyone is safe, you can look at the damage it has caused to your home. It might be quite extensive, and you may want to call a smoke damage cleanup crew. They can fix up your home quickly and make sure it is just as you remembered it.

Taking Legal Action


Finally, if you do discover the fire was nobody’s fault but rather a malfunctioning piece of equipment, you should take legal action. You are entitled to claim back any damages that you suffered due to the incident and you should.



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