Tackle The Gift Buying Blues With These Top Present Options For Kids

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Buying gifts is never easy. Sometimes, you’re lucky enough to have the perfect idea for someone. More often than not, though, you end up with no ideas when the time comes. We can all relate to that frustrated feeling of traipsing shops and not seeing anything right. Despite appearances, children are just as hard to buy for. If your little one has a birthday coming up, you’re probably feeling stressed about what to get. The trouble is that we all want to buy a gift that means something, and lasts for a long time. Too many gift options for children are token gestures that break within five minutes. The good news is that there are meaningful options out there. They will hopefully go down well with your little one! It may take more searching, but the perfect gift is just waiting to for discovery. Here are a few ideas that should help you out of your despair!



Nothing can beat a handmade gift. Bear in mind that children can be harsh critics. The effort you’ve put in does mean it will be an automatic success. Take some time to think about something they would love. If your child has a large collection of teddy bears, a handmade addition could be the perfect thing. For the older child, you could make them some unique clothes based on their fashion sense. Or, you could knit them something you know they would love. The good thing about handmade gifts is that they are limitless. For younger children, you could even make them their own storybook. Done right, this could be the perfect gift choice. Get creative. If you’re low on ideas, do a little research into what kind of things you could make.



If your crafting skills aren’t up to scratch, you could always buy them something they can make. That way, the gift is still meaningful because they did it themselves. They’re more likely to cherish it after they’ve put the effort in! There are many crafting sets you can buy for kids. Again, think about your child’s passion. You could buy bracelet making kits, cuddly toy knitting kits, or even kits to make a football. You won’t have to look hard to find a few different options. Craft shops sell a variety of crafting sets at good prices. The complete kits are your best option because they include everything you need. You don’t want your little one getting upset just because you forgot to buy an essential piece of equipment!



Another gift they’re sure to cherish is a personalized one. There are many options for personalized gifts, and you can have real fun with this. There’s something magical about a shop bought item having your little one’s name included! The best place for personalized gifts is online. That way, all you have to do is place your order and write down the name you would like to use. Again, there are unlimited options, so it all depends on what your kid likes. Unique handmade gifts, Likenessme could be a great place to start your search. You could get your child’s picture printed onto just about anything. You could even get them a cake with their face on it! Or, if you have a pet that they love, you could get the pet’s picture printed on a plate or cushion! You could buy them notebooks with their names on the cover. You could even purchase a book with your child as the main character! Have fun with your research on this one. The look on your little one’s face when they see what you got will be well worth your effort!



Children are impressionable, and they often just want what their friends have got. Take note of anything they mention playing with at their friend’s houses. Talk, too, to other mum’s and see what toys their children love at the moment. There’s no better inspiration than other people. If your child is spending time at their friend’s house, try and coax a little information out of them. Do this without their noticing by asking what they got up to, and what games they played. You child is sure to huff and moan at these questions, but you might just get a clue of the perfect thing! If they’re particularly excited about something they played with, you won’t have to do much encouraging to get them to tell you about it.




This option may not be as exciting. None of us likes just getting gifts our children have asked for. Even so, it can sometimes be the easiest option. If you don’t want them to know what they’re getting, you could ask them to write you a list of a few different options. Make sure they know that they’re not sure to get everything on that list, though. They’re bound to be disappointed otherwise! Picking a few items off that list will ensure that the gifts are still a surprise of sorts. Or, you could just ask them what they would like as their primary gift. That way, you can buy them a few things to go alongside it. This still takes a lot of pressure off, as you know they have at least one gift they’re going to love. Make sure to read the list carefully, though! Getting the wrong thing could lead to a gift disaster. If you’re unsure what one item is, you’ll have to ask what they meant! Or, you could just choose something else.


Gift buying is never easy. Even following these steps doesn’t guarantee that it’ll go right. There’s no sure-fire way to get things right. Then there’s the pressure that most children make it clear when they aren’t impressed. Just take comfort in the knowledge that you’ve done the best you could. A keep your fingers crossed that those gifts will go down well!




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