A Simple Guide For The Hard Task of Gift-Buying For A Recipient You Barely Know

Posted by Kerri Mosher on December 22, 2016 in Blog |

There are numerous occasions in life where you might find yourself having to buy a gift for someone you don’t know.

Your children know this person well. They’re the mother or father of one of their friends, and they see them often when socializing.


To you, however, this person is a stranger. But it’s a stranger with whom you have a large amount in common, especially if your children get on well. You may find yourself on the receiving end of a gift, given as a courtesy, and suddenly realize you’re expected to give something back.


The Distant Family Member


We all have members of our family tree that we don’t know. Given that families can now live across continents, it’s somewhat inevitable that there will be some we don’t remember


Then someone announces the big family gathering for Christmas and we have to buy gifts. We know only the scariest of details about this person, and most of that is second-hand.


The Partner of a Friend


When one of your friends is in a relationship, sometimes you may be fortunate and see it as you having gained a friend too. Or sometimes, you don’t know them from Adam – or was that the boyfriend before?


Then their birthday rolls around, and you’re invited to the celebrations. You know you can’t show up empty-handed, but you barely know this person.


There are plenty of other examples to go with it, all bearing the same signature: you could know them better, but you don’t. Details are scarce and you could potentially offend someone else by asking for more information. So, credit card in hand, you go to buy. Thank goodness for generic gift options!


In years gone past, almost every known type of flower had its own significance. There was one to say “I’m sorry”; another to say “I miss you” and even options to express less pleasant sentiments. We no longer speak the language of flowers so fluently, but nothing will ever stop the gift itself from being a fantastic option.


Find a reputable retailer such as A Touch of Class Florist or your local store to browse options. Go for a simple bouquet, unless you are reciprocating a gift that was more elaborate. If you stay with common flowers and arrangements, then you won’t offend anyone’s tastes either.

Photo frames are one of those items sent from the heavens to guide us through these moments in our life. Almost everyone takes photographs. While we may now put them on Instagram, there’s still a lot of people who want keepsakes around the home too. It’s a pretty safe bet.


  1. Spa Vouchers


This might be a little trickier if the person in question is male, but even then, everyone deserves a little pampering don’t they? Try and pick general vouchers where the recipient can then decide their treatment. If you pick something for them, there’s every chance they might construe that as you dropping hints!


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