The Shining Bath – A Path To A Better Bathroom

Posted by Kerri Mosher on November 24, 2016 in Blog |

Bathrooms are funny places. Everyone has to use them, but it is all too easy to see them as something separate to the rest of your home. It’s almost like they exist separate from the rest of the home decor. Therefore, they can be ignored if they don’t meet the same standards as the other rooms in the house. But in all fairness, your bathroom should reflect your design and cleanliness standards just as much as any other room. Read on to discover some ways to equal out the gap between the smallest room in the house and all the rest.

Cleaning schedule

It is likely that, for the most part, you keep on top of the cleaning jobs that you have to do around the house. You don’t let dishes pile up in the kitchen very often. Or forget to take the rubbish out on a regular basis. But can you say the same for your bathroom?

Because it can be such a big, time-consuming job, it can be very easy to leave cleaning the bathroom for a long time. We rationalize that we just haven’t got time to do it now. Or we’ll do it at the weekend when we can have a good go at it. But this is not the best way to deal with it at all.


In fact, it is much better to do small quick jobs, regularly that allow you to keep on top of it. This stops it getting in too a bad a state in the first place. So it’s not as difficult to deal with when cleaning time does occur.

A clever way of doing this in your own home is to come up with a cleaning schedule. This is a task list of cleaning that needs to be done in the bathroom regularly. Then as you go you can mark off the completed tasks, so you know you’re always on top of the hygiene and cleanliness in that area.

Good quality fittings


Of course, it’s not just the cleaning schedule that keeps your bathroom looking great. In fact, it can be pretty hard to keep an old and shabby bathroom looking clean. That is why it is worth investing some money into good quality bathroom fittings like the ones available from TapWarehouse.

You need to focus on things like taps, plugs, and shower heads. If they are dirty of covered in limescale, then replace them with new items. This will help you bathroom look both modern and clean. It will also make your cleaning tasks a lot easier as you won’t have to strip all the limescale off the taps before you polish them.

Storage is vital


Another essential step of the path to a better bathroom is to make sure that you have enough storage. It is not acceptable to use your shampoo collection as a decorative display!

For most of us, our bathrooms tend to be compact, so finding storage units to fit can be difficult. However, there are plenty that fit under the sink. Or, why not try a tall unit that can fit in a thin gap between the shower and the toilet instead?


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