Fixing Embarrassing Body Problems

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You wouldn’t be human if there weren’t something that you didn’t like about your body. But some people have it really tough. They have embarrassing body problems that can stop them socializing or even being in a long term relationship. But there are things that can be done to alleviate such suffering. Read on to find out what they are.


Now this is an interesting one. Vitiligo can be counted as an embarrassing problem for those that suffer from it if they find it embarrassing. Happily, we are seeing much more examples of people coming out as suffering from this condition and showing how beautiful they can be.

Of course, it is a very personal matter, and not all sufferers feel the same. So for those that would rather cover over this connection what can they do?

Well, one of the most successful ways of dealing with this, especially on the face is to use a high pigment cream makeup. Otherwise known as camouflage cream. This can successful cover conditions like Vitiligo, as well as tattoo and birthmarks.

You just need to make sure that you match the color to your skin tone and apply in thin layers. This will build up the pigment and give a better result.


Flatulence is one of those things that we all suffer from time to time. Certain foods can bring it on such as beans or onions. But some people have trouble with this no matter what they eat. This can definitely cause them some embarrassment, and they have to use air purifiers all over their homes.

To control the problem, it is recommended that you eat small regular meals instead of large ones three times a day. You can also limit the foods that seem to be the worst offenders.

There are also things like charcoal tablets that you can buy to help remove the odor in these cases.



Excess sweating is a difficult condition to have. It can limit the color of clothes people wear, as white shows up sweat patches more than black. It can also even limit their contact with others. Some people don’t even like to shake hands as they sweat so much.

No one really knows what causes excessive sweating although sometimes it is related to how fit and healthy a person is. But not always. But there are various things that you can do to help minimize this condition.

The first is to keep as clean as possible. This will stop the sweat having an odor. Some people choose hyperhidrosis treatment for excessive sweating. This is where the sweat glands are paralyzed.  Or you can also get sticky pads to go inside your clothes. These absorb some of the excess sweat, so act as a temporary measure.

Smelly Feet

Another embarrassing problem to have is smelly feet. Some people’s feet smell so bad that they can start to smell like vinegar or even cheese! If this is the case, then something need to be done, as for others around them the smell may be intolerable.

A great way of dealing with this is to use talc in your shoes. This soaks up any additional sweat and makes them smell nice. Or you can use a hydrogen peroxide solution to wash both your feet and the inside of the shoes. This essentially kills off all the bariatric that are causing the odor. But be careful as it can really sting it you get in any cracks on your feet!

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