Great Gadget-Geek Gifts For Guys And Gals

Posted by Kerri Mosher on November 10, 2016 in Blog |

We sure are living in an ever more connected world, aren’t we? You can see it wherever you look. Go to a fast-food restaurant, and you can often order on a touch-screen before you get anywhere near the counter. Get in your car and not only do you have GPS, but most in-car radios also supply traffic updates based on where you are.

The upshot of this advanced world is that, from young to old, we’re more and more familiar with a world that’s connected. Grandparents have Skype chats with their grand-kids. Schools put homework and term paper assignments online. So when you think of a techie in your family, maybe you used to think of your teenage son. Now, it could be anyone. And this also creates another avenue for gift-buying.

Digital Gift #1 – For The Beginner


As noted, one of the interesting things about the digital age is that it may have started among the young. It has spread out since then to all ages in the family. This means that there are a lot of retirees out there just getting to grips with new laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

It’s been shown that we pick things up more easily when there’s a familiar hook to them that we can relate to. So buy someone a subscription for a music streaming service (and maybe pre-load a playlist of songs they love). They’ll develop more of a connection with their devices and appreciate the personal touch.

Digital Gift #2 – For The Disorganized One


The writer Douglas Adams, who wrote Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy among others, was a genius and obsessed with technology. He was also so disorganized that he would regularly shut his own leg in his car door. He was so absent-minded he’d forget to ensure all of him was in a car before he set off.

That’s an amusing sidebar, but why do I mention it? Because so many people who love their tech are like Adams. Messy and absent-minded. That family member who always has a new gadget – it is because they like new things, because they keep losing phones, or both? Buy them an iPad stand – iThingum has a great rundown – and win their gratitude. No more sitting on their tablet and breaking the screen for them!

Digital Gift #3 – For The One Who Never Sits Down


Our collective addiction to technology has led to the idea that people do nothing more than sit and look at their phones. They tweet, play games and do everything but interact with others. And that’s neither accurate nor fair. We do use a lot more tech, yes, but it’s very often used in an active setting like shopping or attending meetings. This makes it disastrous when our battery dies while we’re out.

Fortunately, you can now buy a bracelet that contains a phone charger. So for that friend or relative who’s always on the move and often at 9% battery, they can stylishly pull back from the brink of going dark. It’s an ideal, thoughtful gift which they will definitely use.

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