Inspired Ideas To Get Those Household Chores Done

Posted by Kerri Mosher on October 18, 2016 in Parenting |

Inspired Ideas To Get Those Household Chores Done.


Cleaning is possibly many women’s least favorite thing to do in their home. Give them a hot cup of tea and the latest reality TV series and they’re happy. Ask them to clean their home until it’s spotless will not get the same result. Unless of course, they have a strange obsession with keeping their homes clean and actually enjoy it. However, we all know that we need to keep our home relatively clean and tidy. It’s no good to anyone living in a mess all the time. So how do you get motivated to do it?


This got me thinking about some of the ways we can all be a little more excited about getting those household chores done. With that in mind, here are some inspired ideas to hopefully motivate you to get it done.


Turn the music up loud.

Music can be a huge motivator to many people. Switching up your favorite tunes and having a good dance around the kitchen or living spaces while you clean up. It’s a great way to get your heart rate racing, so you could be multitasking here. Cleaning and exercise in one hit. Try and stick with something fast paced or has a good rhythm. This means you will be more inclined to keep up the work ethic and hopefully get those chores done in half the time.


Create a cleaning schedule.

We all want a nice clean place to come home to every night, or even to enjoy during the days when the kids are at school. A great time-saving tip is to set up a cleaning schedule. This is where you can consider a daily schedule, a weekly schedule and things that need to be done monthly and annually. I understand that there is an element of time needed to it put your system in place, but once the hard work is done it should be plain sailing from there. It’s designed for you to keep on top of those chores, without it feeling like a mammoth task. Doing things little and often is the key to a successful cleaning schedule. If you would like an idea on templates to use then check out websites like www.Pinterest.com for inspiration.


Ask for help when you need it.

Some busy mommies out there have no time at all. But feel an enormous amount of guilt when asking for help. Don’t be afraid of hiring help like cleaners to help you keep on top of things. Some services offer weekly or monthly cleaning services. Meaning you don’t have to worry too much about those household jobs piling up. You could even consider getting them in for one off cleans to help you start as you mean to go on. Sometimes you just need to help yourself out, and asking for help is no detriment to your capabilities.


Use good products to make life easier.

The products we use daily have a hand in how we can keep our homes clean and tidy. Some products work better than others but we all want to achieve the same thing. We want to ensure that the products we are using are safe for our family. They need to get rid of germs, while still cutting through grease and grime that can accumulate. This is why it’s worth researching products. For more information about family friendly cleaning products check out websites like www.CleanHappens.com.


Invest in the latest gadgets to cut your cleaning time in half.

If I’m honest investing in every gadget that comes to the market when it comes to household chores and cleaning is going to set you back a few bucks. But that doesn’t mean you can’t invest in a few key products to make cleaning a little easier. These days things like cordless vacuums and steam cleaners have revolutionized the cleaning world. Making it a less time-consuming job. It’s worth trying a few different ones out and seeing what would work for you and your family. The household chores don’t have to take hours anymore, and if you can use the gadgets available to you.


Set a timer.

Setting a timer can work for you in two different ways. The first way is setting yourself a time limit that you will focus on the cleaning task at hand. This might be a five-minute spruce up, a thirty minute clean or an hour you have to spare. Another way to use a timer is to set yourself a challenge. Time yourself how long it takes to do a particular task, and when the time comes to do it again, try and beat your last time. This will suit someone who is naturally competitive. Either way, this will help you combat the tasks at hand.


Give yourself a reward when done.

Children work well of rewards. They do something good and they may get a treat. The same can be said for us. Cleaning and household chores are not meant to be joyous occasions. So once you complete your to-do list, or get a particularly grueling job done, reward yourself. It might be a quick five minutes to catch up with a TV program, a hot cup of tea or even some chocolate. If you can take yourself shopping and treat yourself to something. Mommy deserves a little attention and gratitude to. Even if we have to show it ourselves.


If you feel a little lazy then use the commercial time.

We all have days when we are completely unmotivated. I get that. So if this happens to be a day where all you want to do is laze on the couch then don’t worry. You deserve a break. However, a great tip is to use the commercial time to tackle a task or clean something up. Once the commercial break is over you can resume you spot on the couch. It still enables you to get things done while enjoying some well deserved “me time”.


I hope these ideas have inspired you to get those household chores done and ticked off your list.

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