My 500 words challenge

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Billy Mosher

My 500 words challenge Day 1

Today is the start of my 500-word challenge.  Will you walk with me through this challenge? Please feel free to comment on these post. Tell me your story or leave me some feedback.

I want to be heard and I want my readers to connect with me. I had been trying to find the right places for support as a blogger and I believe I have found what I am looking for. The outcome I would like to get from this challenge is to get focused on my main purpose of my blog and to connect with my readers.

What is my main purpose of my blog:

My main goal for this blog is to share my family and my life. This includes all the good and all the bad. Life changes us, it changes the way we live, think and connect to people. I have already written about some of the things that have changed my life and has forever changed my way of thinking and living. If you missed them here are the links:






Day 2: Who my parents are

Day 3: Who I am

Day 4: My siblings

Day 5: Who my spouse is

Day 6: Who Matthew is ( my oldest)

Day 7: Who Michael is ( my second child)

Day 8: Who John is ( my third Child)

Day 9: Who Billy is ( my fourth child)

Day 10 Who Billy 3rd is ( my fifth child)

Day 11: Who Garrett is ( my sixth child)

Day 12: Who Joshua is ( my seventh child)

Day 13: My step children

Day 14: Being a foster parent

Day 15: My other children from other mothers

So not only have I started the 500-word challenge today, I have also got a plan for the next couple of weeks. How is that I have lived for 43 years and have a hard time trying to figure out what to write about?

Life is exhausting but it is also rewarding. My most accomplishments in life are my children. They are not perfect but they are my world grown or not and they all have my unconditional love.

My youngest is 21 months old and he is such a handful but I enjoy the smiles and love he gives me. When I try to take a shower I have to have him in there with me because during the day I am home alone ( Billy is here but always in his part of the house). Sometimes he will get in the shower and sometimes he won’t. Well, the other day he just didn’t want any part of the shower so I got in the shower and was enjoying that hot water. All of my cabinets have child locks so the only worry was him flooding the bathroom again by the toilet. It had been a few minutes since I heard him so I looked out the shower curtain and he was no were. The bathroom door was shut so I panicked.  I was screaming his name and he still wasn’t making a sound. I am out of the shower soak in wet and look like a naked drowned rat. I know the front door and curtains are wide open and I am in such a panic I don’t think to grab a towel!  I went to go out of the bathroom and that is when my son heard me yelling and it woke him and he came out of his part of the house. He said don’t worry mom I got him, I am taking him to my room with me.  I never heard the bathroom door open or close. You will understand my panic one you read more about me.

Well, this is it until tomorrow. I have over 600 words today! I can do this!


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