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Posted by Kerri Mosher on April 10, 2016 in My Opinion, Out look on people |

Just another Opinion: about people

This  is my ranting opinion about people.

Do you take a good look around when your public? Do you try to understand the way people think and act?

I truly don’t try to judge anyone but I wonder if my way of thinking is judgmental? I don’t want to judge anyone because I don’t want to be judged. I am not perfect and I have never met anyone that is. We are not made to be perfect.

One thing that concerns me is how children I see in the public act. I know kids will be kids but when you go to a function or in a public place and you have these little kids running all over the place and acting wild, you do wonder where the parents are. I am not a perfect parent but you can sure bet if my child about knocks an adult over because he is pushing and running, he’s going to get spanked and made to apologize. Children today just don’t care, they push through you and about knock you over and there is no excuse me, or I am sorry.

My children knew better than to ask an adult to move out of a seat for themselves also. Kids today, ha they don’t care, they surly tell you to move. Yes had this happen to me not to long ago and guess what? I got up and moved! I didn’t want to sit were a bunch of wild children were anyways. Children are a blessing so please understand I have nothing against children. I just cannot believe the way some of them act now days.

Are children not taught to respect others anymore? My children would get brave and disrespect me but not without consequences; however, for the most part they were respectful to adults. Joshua will not be 2 until July and I have to say he is doing pretty good with manners so far. He says, Thank you, please, and even excuse me when he burps or farts. It really doesn’t take much to teach your children manners and respect so why are so many not being taught now days?

Then you got these adults that you see in public or just personally know. Do you know people who act like their life and there problems are more important than your health and your life when they need something? Why does it seem that when people need something from you, your life and well-being doesn’t mean anything to them? Is it because they think they are the only ones that have issues? Or maybe is it because they think there problem is bigger then yours?

People should realize that everyone has a life, everyone has issues, and everyone’s issues is their own priority, not your issues. When someone is there for you but then tells you they can’t be,  then obviously they have too much on their plate. It may not be that they don’t want to be there for you, but when it stops them from getting proper sleep so they can take care of their family, or stops them from what very little free time they do have, to do what they love, is unfair of anyone to expect from anyone else.

It’s not right to guilt someone into doing something when they have said they can’t keep doing it. Have you ever had someone need you but then you see on their social media that they are doing this, and doing that and enjoying the things they love while you sit back and do what is asked,  and ignore all of the things you enjoy doing, because you are to busy trying to juggle your upside down life and help them?

I am truly trying to be as nice as I can be but rant at the same time. Am I the only one that feels this way? Do people know what they ask of you and not care about what your life is? Do they even see what they are doing and just don’t care?

I do feel some of this is my own fault. I have a hard time saying no to people and then I just end up with too much on my plate and it stresses me out. But when I do say I have too much on my plate don’t compare you life with mine. I am not you, you are not me. We work, think and struggle in different ways.

I’m sorry if I have offend anyone that reads this post. I have written so many post about my feelings on how people are and I have deleted them. I don’t want to be afraid to hit the publish button but I don’t want to offend people. I truly care about people but I prefer to stay away from people when it is face to face.

People seem to hurt you less when you are behind the computer then face to face. With all my bad traits I also feel that I have some good traits. Them traits are I will help anybody when I can and even sometimes when I suffer for it, I would give my own life to save one of my children, I would never turn a child away even if it isn’t my blood, family to me is not always blood, and I can be a good friend if you treat me right.

Please feel free to comment below and let me know if you sometimes feel the way I do or if you just think I am plain crazy 🙂

When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile. Author unkown

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