Dealing with Bedbugs!

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Bedbugs on a bed sheet

Bedbugs on a bed sheet

Dealing with bedbugs is a nightmare and has caused me to have nightmares and lack of sleep.

In March of 2015 we bought a set of (USED)  bunk beds for our son. The night we got them, he was gone staying away for the night. He came home and was so excited to see his bunk beds. The first night he slept in his new bed he woke up the next morning and it look like he had tons of mosquitoes bites. I was talking to the people were he stayed the night and they said they went to the park, so I assumed it was mosquitoes bites.  We kept mosquitoes spray on him daily and it was not helping, the bites still were appearing. We even took him to the doctor.  Then I had a break out but mine looked different, I went to the doctors and they said it was scabies and gave me cream. I didn’t believe them but use the cream anyways.

He came out of his room and said that there was a bug on his bed one night. This was several weeks later after the bites appeared for the first time. I went into his room with a flash light and began my search.  Yes bedbugs everywhere! This was the beginning of a very long battle.

We live on a very low-income so I didn’t have many options. I had my son sleeping in the front room and began my research. After all my research this is what we did to deal with this nasty little bugs.

When we first started out we used bedbug/flea bombs and spray. The bombs are a waste of your money. Before we realized the bombs were not helping we bombed our home 3 or more times.

While we were trying to get rid of these things they were multiplying like crazy and spreading through the house.  It took us almost a whole year to  have them gone. Let me tell you what we did.

We got this  Diatomaceouse Earth from Amazon. Before using the diatomaceous Earth I went through the house and cleaned including taking curtains down and washing them. Vacuuming everything including mattress and washing clothing and bedding.  All of the kids stuffed animals went into the dryer and if they could not go into the dryer they went into the trash. You can kill bedbugs with heat from dryer if you leave them in there for 30 to 45 minutes.  Wash all of your bed frame down including bed boards. So after all the heavy cleaning, we put the diatomaceous Earth all around the mattress under the mattress and in every crack there was on the headboard and frame. We then created a line around our bed and even sprinkled the stuff under the bed. We also had wrapped our box springs and mattresses ( that didn’t already  have bedbug proof protectors on them) in painters plastic.  Before we sealed the plastic with duck-tape we used a Pest Pistol Mini Duster and put more of the diatomaceous Earth on the mattress and box-springs.

After all the deep and I mean deep cleaning was complete and the diatomaceous Earth was on the beds, we then used the mini duster to do along our walls, and we removed the electrical wall covers and put some in there.   Once all that was done we also used the bedbug/flea spray and sprayed every two weeks.

Because it took us so long to figure out what my son was getting bitten from it made our problem harder to deal with. We THINK they are gone because it has seemed safe for the last month.  Once these bugs started moving the hardest room to deal with was the front room. We did put diatomaceous Earth were we could and we sprayed every two weeks but it seem like they were still here.  You could find some dead ones and knew that they had gotten to the diatomaceous Earth because they dried out and died. So what I did to fix the problem in the front room was I had gotten a steam cleaner and steam cleaned the furniture at least once a week sometimes twice a week.


Diatomaceouse Earth is very messy but safe for kids and pets if you get the food grade.  When we sprayed we would put the kids in the car while my husband sprayed and we would leave for a couple of hours. I washed bedding every week and kept my eye out for any signs of bugs. I also only use white sheets on my bed because I have a real serious fear of bedbugs. I still check my bed when getting into it every night and when making it in the mornings.

Did you know bedbugs will live in your walls, floors, and anywhere they see fit? Did you know they know when your sleeping because of the way you breath and that is when they come to feast on your body?  Did you know that 1 in every 5 people have bedbugs? Did you know that you may not see a bite from a bedbug until a day later from when you got bitten?

Not everyone will break out from a bedbug bite. My husband never had any signs of being bitten but I know he had to have been bitten.  You are probably thinking ( can’t you tell bedbugs are crawling on you) and the answer is no. Also bedbugs are very quick at moving.

I was not going to make my experience public but I am not ashamed because bedbugs do not choose clean or dirty people, poor or rich people, they have no personal preference.

I will NEVER buy USED furniture again. I bought more than I bargained for but I did learn a very good lesson.  This is very hard work when trying to get rid of them on your own,  but it can be done. I am still very freaked out and I check for them all the time because they are very hard to get rid of if the infestation is bad.

Please feel free to ask me any question and I will answer them if I can. There is tons of information online that can help you also. I would recommend you to educate yourself if you are dealing with bedbugs. I educated myself and then dealt with the problem.



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