How my husband and I met.

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I would like to introduce you to my husband of 21 years. His name is Bill and he is wonderful husband and father.  I lived next door to his mother back in 1994 and this is how Bill and I met.

Bill was living with his mom and even though it was next door to me I had no clue who he was. Bill is 15 years older than me so when I first discovered that this old man next door had eyes for me, I was like (oh hell no)! Bill had asked me  out a couple of times and I had declined his offer every-time.

I was living alone and raising 3 boys ages 5, 3, and 1 years old. Bill would buy the boys ice cream when they were outside playing. I will never forget my youngest was out on the front porch and he started yelling  “daddy, daddy” and of course I am thinking oh no my ex is out there. While on my hands and knees crawling to get my toddler because I don’t want to be seen by ex, I realize it was the guy next door he was yelling daddy to.  I tell my toddler that is not his daddy and take him inside.

It was a day or two later this nice looking man came walking up to the door and I am looking out my window wondering who this man was. I go to the door and it is Bill. This man looked nothing like the old hairy man from next door.  Bill was coming over to ask if the boys could go over and play with the other kids.

His look when he is up to something!

His look when he is up to something!

Before that day Bill had a full beard, mustache and looked old as heck! I on the other hand was 21 years old and was not at all interest in a hairy old man. Well his daughter asked if she could trim his beard and that is when it was trimmed more than he wanted and had to shave it off. It is amazing how facial hair can make a man look so much older and not so nice looking.

We started dating in June of 1994 and married in November of 1994.  His (our children now) children are: Anita, Nick, and Michelle. He also has a daughter name Jessica that we were not aware of until 2013 and Jessica is Bill’s oldest.  I had Matthew, Michael, and John. In May of 1996 we had Billy.  We were foster parents which you will hear more about later and while being foster parents, we adopted a child and his name was Billy also. So we have Billy 3rd and Billy Jr. Then in 2015 we adopted two more and they are Garrett and Joshua.  You can find out more about Garrett and Joshua by clicking on this link: http://www.mommyreviewer.com/about/.

We as a family have had many trials but we pushed through them and we are still going strong. Things have changed now that the most of the children are grown and have families of their own. I am struggling with the new life style that I have to adapt to.  When your spouse is 15 years older than you, there will be changes you are not ready for but they are. Stay tuned you will hear how I have tried  to adjust to the changes.

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